Thanks to Lito for a great tune !

Discussion in 'MDS' started by 83-88T-Bird Guy, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. 83-88T-Bird Guy

    83-88T-Bird Guy forum member

    I bracket race my '05 3V Auto and was having trouble with a "twitchy" throttle while staging the car as well as when I would drive the car onto the trailer.

    Lito made me a tune that made the throttle feel more predictable and smooth.

    I took the car to the track last night.

    He also dropped the shift points down 500 rpm and it ran a tick quicker than the "canned" tune that came with my X4 I bought from a vendor in the states.

    The car was super consistent and more enjoyable to race, especially at the starting line while staging.
    All I had to do was make sure my water temp was the same on each pass and then stab the throttle.
    I love this 3 valve :)

    Very pleased with everything and he was patient with me as this was my first time learning how to data log with the SCT programmer.

    Thanks Lito !

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  2. lito

    lito forum member

    Thanks a lot for the trust.
  3. braupe

    braupe Resident Diabetic...

    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to say thank you to Manuel for his excellent tuning skills, and endless help with a recent engine swap. The guy is a true professional!
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