The Jalapeno, our 2005 GT build thread

Discussion in 'Pictures and Videos' started by white95, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. white95

    white95 boost or bust

    Finally got around to changing all of those stupid blend actuators. Had to add Freon to get it bowing cold again so there most likely is a leak. When it starts to get low again, I’ll dye check it for leaks. For now, just going to keep trucking’.

    Still sitting on the total 6R80 swap but my wife isn’t sure if she wants to swap it now. Wish she would’ve thought this over more before I bought everything but what do you do? You start to consider TR-6060 swapping the car.

    Other than that, I have a pretty significant exhaust leak so I’m considering a new set of headers and removing the 3” MBRP cat back in favor of another 2.5” system for ground clearance. Installing a DLG1 soon to monitor AFR and tie into the SCT for tuning. Switched the black dash fascia panels out for the grey, GT Premium versions. The clutch pedal lever to slave cylinder coupling snapped in front of the house and I replaced it with an aluminum one. Car shifts differently now meaning the “gritty, vague” engagement is gone and it doesn’t pop out of gear now. Suppose that meant it wasn’t fully engaging the pressure plate!
    IMG_7069.jpeg 70605557220__F3C68A6C-2271-47B9-BD4C-F3E9D48DA470.jpeg

    Paint and new wheels are on the horizon!
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  2. white95

    white95 boost or bust

    I think my defrost to panel blend actuator already failed. AC is only blowing in the floor and will only switch to defrost. Checked the harness connector and it was securely fastened. Pulled the fuses to reset the system but it didn’t help. Put my had on the actuator and tried each position on the switch. Didn’t seem to be doing anything. Has to be a defective part.
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