The kid's '92 Ranger


Dec 31, 2019
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Edmonton, AB
An older gentleman who lives down the street from me was the second owner of this Ranger but had been using it very little for at least 10 years.
View media item 8858In early 2022 some ne'er-do-well stole the catalytic converter. I offered to fix it for him but he never took me up on it. Several months later he says he doesn't want to deal with it and asks me if I want the truck. Wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but I can't turn down a free truck.
I ordered a universal cat and proceeded to replace the entire exhaust behind the Y-pipe using leftovers I had in my garage including a Magnaflow muffler and passenger side Fox LX tail pipe.
Around the time I'm finishing up the exhaust, my 14 YO daughter tells me she wants the truck. I told her it was going to need some work but if she was willing to put in the wrench time, I would help her fix it up. Oh, and she was also going to have to learn to drive a standard.
View media item 8859She named the truck "Cookie Monster", stuck a badge in the shape of the blue Muppet to the dash and we made a to-do list.
Fast forward a year and we've done all the boring stuff to make it reliable and safe. Plugs/wires/cap and rotor, thermostat, coolant hoses, every fluid flushed, repaired the leaking shifter turret, replaced the side mirrors that wouldn't stay put, shocks, brake lines etc.
We've also started on appearance and customization. New Edge Mustang 16" wheels and tires were an $80 FB marketplace score but required small spacers and longer wheel studs. The blue oval in the grille was missing so we replaced it with a fresh one. Recently we got a bit more serious and lowered the truck 2" out back and 1 1/4" in front.
View media item 8857Still on the to do list are fixing the A/C, replacing the door speakers, fresh metal for the cab corners and lower quarters, fresh side window dew wipes and paint.
"Cookie Monster" recently completed a 3000+ km road trip to Northern BC which is likely farther than it has traveled in any calendar year for the last two decades. While there, a collection of cassettes was commandeered from a great uncle's basement so the Bluetooth head unit upgrade is on hold.


Nov 8, 2022
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Great story and glad to hear father and daughter working on a truck project together.

Post some truck pics when you can.
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Sep 12, 2013
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That's awesome! You're giving her some skills that she would never learn anywhere else. And that 99.99 percent of her peers will have no idea what the heck it's all about.
A girl that can work on her own car is very sexy. Something that you might not want to hear, actually. Lol. And, the fact that she can drive a stick makes her something like a sexy unicorn.

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