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Discussion in 'Drift Racing Tech Discussion' started by Menes06GT, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Menes06GT

    Menes06GT forum member

    Im planning to buy a set of crap wheels and tires to use for my first up coming event and found a set of 17inch stockers. Two of them have the stock perelli's but the other two have michelin run flat tires 245/45R17 pilot sport a/s. I don't know much about run flats or there compound besides that they just have a very strong sidewall. Will run flats give me problems, could I run them on the back or just the front? All help is appreciated as I wanna get a set of wheels ASAP.

    Also looking at a set of stock 18inch 2010 Fusion wheels, I'm pretty sure they will fit but not 100% if anyone else knows
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  2. HellsBells

    HellsBells 620/677

    You can run them on the rear!
  3. Menes06GT

    Menes06GT forum member

    Just to let anyone know who is curious I do not recommend run flat tires for drift use. The Michelin run flats I used were horrible and did not respond like normal tires once heated up.
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