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  1. the_shane

    the_shane forum member

    starting to do local drift events and was wondering what (inexpensive) size (17, 18) tires brand you guys are running.

    thanks inadvance!
  2. BLVCKmamba

    BLVCKmamba forum member

    Used tires are best, you can find decent tread and they're free at dealerships if you talk to the right people
  3. Dreadknought

    Dreadknought HOON MONSTER

    I've seen a bunch of people running Dunlop DZ101s, never had the chance to use them myself. Also look at nexens as well...
  4. Menes06GT

    Menes06GT forum member

    I just go to the local tires shop and see what used tires they got in stock, In the past I've used Dunlop, Falken, and BFG's
  5. fivehunsky

    fivehunsky forum member

    This is kinda old but I thought I would chime in.
    Used tires are great at first. They let you practice alot without blowing a huge amount of cash. But, be aware that used tires are more likely to chunk or blowout because they are usually really worn and heat cycled. You also wont get near as much traction.

    Once you can afford it try using the same tire every time. Same size, brand, ect. It pays to get more consistant and always know how the car is going to react. To do this you will have to get a tire that is consistant as well. I have been running kendas because they sponsor our series and are pretty great about hooking us up whenever we need tires quick. Nexen did sponsor us but wasnt as helpful and the tires werent as good in my opinion. I also ran on dunlop dz101's for a while and they are great. The Kendas are fairly close to the same performance for cheaper tho. Ive also run some cheap hankooks that werent bad as well. Falkens are generally good across the board. The cheaper tires wear well with decent tread and the rt615's give awesome grip. I have also run Advan neovas and they made my car into a rocket ship. But, just like the rt615's they dont last forever and are pretty expensive.

    For fronts Im using dunlop star specs right now. I have also run dz101's on the front as well as kendas. A stickier front tire will help the car steer into the corner under drift easier and will help with the push problem that our cars sometime have. But, they wear out quicker and are harder on tie rod ends.

    Anyway, just a quick bit of info.
  6. C.Love

    C.Love forum member

    Im going to dredge this back up

    REAR--. Tire wise I have had pretty good luck with retreads on the rear. They last on average 3x as long as off the shelf tires. I am able to get these locally for about 100 a tire "brand new" if i supply the cases. Downfall is they don't smoke much and you sound like and out of control semi truck lol. Maybe something to look into.

    I also like to use goodride's. they are cheap and smoke really well.

    I dont like used tires in the rear simply because they have heated cycled several times and they don't provide the amount of grip I like. However, If they are free who am I do turn them down lol

    FRONT---I like to use NT-05 in the front as they are relatively cheap and consistent to the last drop. I have also ran a direzza star spec which i loved but the sizes I like became hard to find and they went up alot in price. I have also been wanting to try out the hankook RS-3 but they too are hard to get ahold of.

    I find a grippy tire in the front gives you superior control.

    POS VETT forum member

    Used ones. Various size combinations that work.
  8. C.Love

    C.Love forum member

    Used are ok if they are free or near free. However, they are not optimal. Problem is as i mentioned above they have been heat cycled several times already and depending on their age may also be super hard. So hard in fact they are last forever but you feel like you're on ice. When you drift you need control.

    Used is it great for low speed stuff but when you are doing high speed or tandem you need even more control.

    Couple in the fact some guys are drifting new mustangs (30K + cars) you want as much control as possible.

    As i mentioned above i have tried retreads a few times with great success. Here is a picture of said retreads



    these things are surprisingly grippy for what they are.
  9. S197MustangGT

    S197MustangGT forum member

    would nitto invos be pretty good for drifting? I know they are not the cheapest tire but they do grip pretty good.
  10. dafridgea

    dafridgea forum member

    have food fronts like Falken 615K and the rears can be any cheap tire.
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