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Discussion in 'The Armory' started by NastyStang113, May 3, 2012.

  1. Iceman62

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    Nice, I plan to have my G23 & G43 sights upgraded when our local gun club/shop has their late winter Open House. They'll install (free) and assist w/ fine tuning. What better than enhancing the sights & getting some range time to boot. :D
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  2. joe_momma

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    Regarding the PMAGS G2 vs G3 - I don't find them to be all that different. For difference in price, I'll buy extra mags. I think I'm somewhere around 30 now. You can find the G2 on sale for $8 at times.

    PSA had a deal on (5) S&W Shield 8rd mags and 250 rounds of 9 for $99. I jumped all over that, it ended up being $126 delivered. It's like getting the ammo for free, basically. The cheapest I've ever seen the S&W mags is $20. They're usually $25-30.
  3. bujeezus

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    Little more texture on the Gen 3 and a grid to use a paint pen to put your name on them. Gen 2 was biy 5 get free shipping. Done!

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  4. joe_momma

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    Yeah I number all mine with a paint pen and do a little something on the floor plates - easy to identify that way.
  5. Midlife Crises

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    Just finished assembly of a LR308 with a 450 Marlin barrel. Uses standard 308 mags and makes you smile every time the trigger is pulled. It’s like a semi auto 45-70. Too much fun!
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    Just wondering if anyone on here has a cryogenically treated gun barrel and your thought's on it? A company called Diversified Cryogenics is now freezing gun barrels, makes the metal 2-3 times stronger and greater accuracy. Here is info on it if interested.

  7. joe_momma

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    Interesting. Not something I'd spend the money on, however. The chance of me shooting enough rounds down anything I have to wear the barrel significantly is pretty slim. You're talking about thousands of rounds, possibly tens of thousands of rounds. Plus, I can't shoot well enough for it to make much difference in my accuracy. Any rifle I own is already capable of shooting better than I can shoot it.
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