What touch screen 7 " for a 2006 Mustang GT

Discussion in 'Tunes!' started by louis, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. louis

    louis Junior Member

    I am planing to change the shaker 500 to a 7 inch touch screen on my 2006 Mustang GT.
    What do you suggest as touch screen ?
  2. cavero

    cavero forum member

    Something FAST. Nothing's more distracting than a unresponsive touch screen. If you can, go to a best buy or catr studio store and bring a USB cable for your phone or a thumb drive crammed full of songs. See if the stereo can handle it. My 4 yr old unit lags pretty bad with a lot of music on it.

    Other than that, try to find something with a volume knob because using volume buttons without steering wheel controls sucks.
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  3. Windstang

    Windstang Junior Member

    I replaced my Shaker with the OEM touch unit from a 2008 Ford I got from Fleabay a few years ago for about $200. The connectors make it plug and play and I like the Ford splash logo. However this unit has a few issues because it needs to be programmed to the VIN which I won't do just yet because I have to send it away to get programmed. There is a volume knob and the above poster is right about that. It sounds decent enough and I like the touch screen as a display. Things that don't work right now are:
    1) no Aux input; 2) no night time dimming with lights on; 3) Speedo not connected so GPS is off a bit until the antenna takes over and therefore no Speed sensitive volume. 4) No BT link to my phone and this unit needs a DVD for it's nav info and the phone/google is a better way to use a nav system. I didn't like the aftermarket heads. Probably more functional than mine though.
    Overall it suits my needs.
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