Whats the story behind failing cam follwers...?

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by AutoXRacer, Jul 30, 2022.

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    Bought directly from Jesel.
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    When the GA State Patrol went to the 4.6 from the 5.0 in the crown Vics they suffered massive engine failures in cam area.Come to find out they were running 15-40 oils that they ran in old engines. Appears thick oil wasn't lubricating properly. Changed to lightweight oil and no more issues???
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  4. GlassTop09

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    I read this post........I saw the 1 that got tore up & the other 2 that got spit out......my read is all of this was due to the Ford OEM hydraulic lash adjusters failing to retain lash (engine was set up to turn in excess of 8,000 RPM's using high lift cams w\ heavy valve springs....kinda IMHO asking for it if still using a hydraulic lash adjuster in that type environment instead of a solid lash adjuster......they do make them for Mod Motors) to the cam lobes allowing them to come out as that's the only thing keeping this design of follower in place. You have to maintain proper lash at all times in all operating scenarios......especially if spinning past 6,800-7,000 RPM's w\ these 3V's. These Jesel followers have a fair amount of mass which can stress an OEM hydraulic lash adjuster at those RPM's when fitted w\ stronger valve springs to boot.

    I personally won't put any blame on the Jesel followers in this scenario.......if you're gonna turn that high of engine RPM & continue to run Ford OEM hydraulic lash adjusters that are designed for 6,800-7,000 RPM max at OEM valve spring pressures........then IMHO that's not Jesel's fault. The 1 follower that got busted up looks to be from getting hung up under turning cam lobe of camshaft.

    Now the price of these is very stiff indeed......makes you have to really think about how you intend to use the engine. FWIW, I can see a good use of these on a 3V stroker NA\FI engine being consistently turned up to 6,800-7,000 RPM's max......the upper range of the Ford OEM hydraulic lash adjuster's stability......but not past that.

    Otherwise just stick w\ the new Ford redesigned cam followers but stay under 7,000 RPM's. 1 of the things I did in my tune was to reset all limiters back to stock Bullitt rev limits (throttle @ 6,500, spark & fuel @ 6,625 RPM's) to ensure that I stay away from the outer 6,800 RPM range (where most tuners will set the spark & fuel cut but also set the throttle higher to get it out of the way so you're only using spark & fuel cut to rev limit engine)......then wonder why your oil pump gears, chain guides & tensioners fail.....

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    Sorry to ask, but I'm in Germany such an issue would be weeks to repair. Is this a frequent issue and how to detect this early enough to get time to order parts? My GT is from 2007, when did they re-design the followers?

    I guess the smaller hole leads to a thinner and longer oil jet on the roll? And I use 5w30.

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    Update, spoke with a couple of builders and tuners.

    My current setup uses PAC 3V Springs that have an open pressure of 270 lbs. That's a stiff spring.

    The recommendation is to go with a lighter spring; Comp Cams 26113-24 which have an open pressure of 198 lbs...significantly less.
    I will lower the RPM limit from 7400 to 6500.
    I only shifted at 7000 when I did track days.
    On the street, I drive like grandma... 2K-4k RPM.

    So the plan is to replace RH cam, replace all springs (that will be fun without taking heads off), followers, and lifters. Oh and make sure the timing chain doesn't skip.

    I also use Motul 0W-40...per the builders recommendation. But I think I will be going a step down to 30 weight. My oil pressure at startup is 90 psi at idle. Once hot, 65-75 psi at 2k. 25-30 at idle.

    I didn't think it would be an issue as ROUSH speced 5W-50 for their built short block motors.
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    After 4.6L\5.4L production ended.......best I could find was sometime during 2015.

    Hope this helps.
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  8. AutoXRacer

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    Actually, they revised them after 2015 again...
    I believe the current version being sold is only a few years old (less than 5).
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