When do you get your car back out?

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by N2STC, Mar 19, 2020.


    MIDLIFER Junior Member

    Heavy rains Thursday and Friday here in western PA got the roads clean. Sunshine yesterday enticed me to get it the 12 miles away out of storage and driven home. This has to be one of the earliest years I've ever been able to do this. I guess I'm trusting for a continued lack of snow and salt use and then hopefully some more sunny day miles this year than last.
  2. nawagner

    nawagner forum member

    I thought so... until Mother Nature had a different plan sprinkled the land with about an inch and a half of white stuff.
  3. JJ427R

    JJ427R forum member

    Same crap here, we had a dusting yesterday too and that all melted, this should disappear quickly, I'm still pulling for the end of the week.
  4. EBABlacknChrome

    EBABlacknChrome forum member

    Lmao I almost pulled the car yesterday afternoon but it started snowing! We got 2" here last night.

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  5. Windstang

    Windstang Junior Member

    Well in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it usually isn't safe (no more snow) until mid May unless of course April snow brings more snow in May (or June and July sometimes too). I have Eagle's on mine and once I went out when there was a bit of snow on the driveway and got stuck. Those tires are not good unless trying to stick to pavement.
  6. Charly

    Charly Junior Member

    We had some rain to wash the salt off the roads then we had a couple of 50-60 degree days so I brought my 07 out for a couple of runs while I play with the tune using SCT X4. Northeast PA. Back in the garage today with some light snow LOL
  7. MasterofDisaster

    MasterofDisaster Junior Member

    I live in Michigan where 1" of snow means 2" of salt. I drive my 08 hardtop whenever the roads are dry. [We have a Jeep for snow.] If there's salt dust on the roads I don't worry about it too much. I have found that when it gets to -10ºF, the tires don't grip, even on clean, dry asphalt. Whenever you drive, you want to wash your car once in a while. We moved to Michigan, and my car isn't rusty yet. Enjoy the car while it's safe.
  8. 07RubyGTCS

    07RubyGTCS Junior Member

    Wisconsin here. Just waiting for the rain to wash the salt away, street sweeper was through last week temps in the 30-40 degree F area. Using my time for part installs and intake maint. Cold rubber can make for an interesting drive.... Maybe mid April/May.
  9. Lloyd Gogo

    Lloyd Gogo Junior Member

    Hey, from the Great White North!!
    I usually start following the weather reports closely towards the end of March/early April. Right now it's the 23rd of March and snowing so guaranteed the salt/brine trucks will be out. So I'll wait for at least a week of constant temps above 60° and some good heavy showers to clean the streets! But...this being the land of snowstorms in May, you never know!!
  10. mrdale14424

    mrdale14424 Junior Member

    When? Yesterday, here in the Finger Lakes of NYS; roads around the countryside virtually empty and salt & dirt-free if you stick to the main state-roads.
    Yesterday, sunny but cold; today, snow & rain.
    Take them when you can!
  11. WNYGT5-0

    WNYGT5-0 Member

    Performance tires below 40 is a no no...
  12. MrBhp

    MrBhp Member

    In Texas I drive it all year, when it's not flooding. Now that I'm in Portland, pretty much the same thing, except no flooding. Not sure how it will do with lava flows, not anxious to to find out. Lived in Connecticut for 14 years. Sold the '90 notch before we moved up there, bought the Shelby after moving back to Texas. But I spent 6 months in CT in 2018. I installed a hydraulic adjustable splitter, I would lower it for snow plow use.
  13. banzai_bullitt

    banzai_bullitt Junior Member

    MN... I usually wait until it rains a couple of times to get the salt and sand off of the roads. I may take the BULLITT around the neighborhood before it rains this morning. It's been sleeping enough, and I've been going through withdrawals.:insane:
  14. FrankieD

    FrankieD Junior Member

    N/E Illinois here, My 09 GT convert is on stands I am replacing all suspension parts and getting the rear end rebuilt with 3:55 gears, sand blasted and painted. Hopefully it will be on the ground by mid May.
  15. KK14GTCS

    KK14GTCS Junior Member

    I’m in Wisconsin where the sodium chloride is free I swear.... I’m pretty sure they just put some on the roads last week! I normally get mine out at the end of April or the beginning of May.
  16. RED09GT

    RED09GT Senior Member S197 Team Member

    I'm in the Okanagan region of BC Canada and I usually wait until the street sweepers have been out. Some years I have it out in Late February, some years it is not until early April. I usually put it away the second week of December. It was December 10th this year.
    Only thing keeping me from having it out is I want to replace the clutch before I start paying for Insurance.

    As for the performance tires below 40 degrees thing, I find I have to adjust my driving habits no more than I do in any vehicle when it is near freezing and anytime I have winter tires on it.
  17. travelers

    travelers Senior Member

    That's a really good question. As I just got mine out today. It was great to drive it again. I'll go over it tomorrow and make sure everything is good to go.
  18. JJ427R

    JJ427R forum member

    Mine was going to be this weekend but MN Governor changed my plans for me with a 2 week stay at home order, not until after April 10th now.
  19. WNYGT5-0

    WNYGT5-0 Member

    I got a little wet... D0FAB6A5-667D-4158-A2C1-275D01105E49.jpeg
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  20. Bingo

    Bingo Because street car S197 Team Member

    My condolences! I endured 2 winters in Fort Drum and if I had to live up there year-round, I'd ditch everything and drive a beater truck. I picked up a clean 06 F-150 for the winters up there and most of the body panels have developed rust. Should've bought something crappier, but it's served/serving me well.

    The Mustang is never "put away" in SW Missouri. I just won't drive if it's icy up or if there's salt on the ground.
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