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Discussion in '2011+ Ford Mustang V6 3.7L Tech' started by Redrebel13, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. Redrebel13

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    Hello all,
    Curious if anyone knows (if it's possible) where I would find.... an Airaid cold air intake cone filter and the housing that surrounds the filter? Just those pieces.
    See, I currently have the Airaid monster tube installed on my 3.7 connecting directly to my factory air box. However, after getting MPT tunes I notice they don't list such a setup. And actually I think I remember they being only a couple choices.
    This may just be further proof of how factory intakes are so advanced now that unless you have a larger tbi, ported intakes or headers installed there's really no actual gains in hp by changing them.
    Anyways, future plans I have include one or more of the above mentioned modifications so I would like to open her lung a bit more... but already have the tube portion paid for and installed so I'd like to just find a way to get the "end" pieces now.
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  2. David Young

    David Young Member

    I believe the Airaid is a no tune needed cai. My C&L cai is a no tune needed too :) I messed up a part on my Steeda Watts Link, I called them and they sold me the one part I needed. I would call Airaid and ask them if they would sell just the parts you need. Let us know what they say .........

    Be sure to call Airaid and 'not' go through someone else who sells their product..........
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  3. Redrebel13

    Redrebel13 Junior Member

    Ridiculous amount of money for just their "universal box".. I could purchase an entire CAI setup for less. So change of plans and I'll keep my eyes open for what I want at swap meets.
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