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  1. Javi Chavez
    Javi Chavez kevinatfms
    Hey man , I have a code p0356 and I need some help figuring it out.
  2. Stanger77
    2014 Mustang GT - 3:55 - 6MT - SCT X4 - BBK LTH - BBK O/R X-Pipe - MBRP Axle-back
  3. AztroRover
    AztroRover Anti
    Hi Anti,
    Looking at your profile pic, what wheel and tire size set up are you using? It really looks great and inspiring. Spacers? Lowering springs? As you can see from my pic, mine is bone stock still. Appreciate the time and information.

    1. Anti
      How did you find me and decide to make an account just to message me?
      Sep 13, 2020 at 9:49 AM
  4. Clarkin
    There's a tool made for every problem
  5. Paulluap
    Paulluap eighty6gt
    Hi Do you still have the pypes off road h pipe? Thanks Paul
  6. Doug Huggard
  7. ModularS197
    ModularS197 ILW84U
    Hey are you still gonna check the price for shipping on that pillar pod?
  8. oldVOR
    oldVOR Layman Cobb
    You'll have to compare the resistance of the new seat to that of the old seat and add resistance to ensure the computer likes the new seat air bag module.
    Assume you verified all the pin outs were correct on the wiring harness connectors and matched polarity from the 2012 to the 2007 models?
  9. Jim Shankle
    Jim Shankle michael.konor
    Sorry to bother you but I seen a response to a "Shaker 500 battery problem" in a google search and I have tried a few other mustang forum sights with no luck so far. I just purchased a 2010 GT500 and the day after bringing it home the battery keeps dying. The only thing I can do to prevent it is pull the small fuse under the dash. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Redline2014
    I own the 2014 gt with the 50 coyote named redline my wife owns the 2003 gt with the 4.6 named inferno we own the Pacific Northwest Mustangz
  11. Layman Cobb
    Layman Cobb oldVOR
    In some of my research I found one of your posts about swapping S197 seats. I wondered if I could get some advise?
    12 seats into 07 - used 07 connector on drivers side - now had airbag light - dealer has reset but did not work? Help?

    Thanks Layman
  12. ModularS197
    ModularS197 ILW84U
    Sent my address to ya a couple of days back? Its 604 Braeburn Ct. Duncan SC 29334. Let me know the quote as soon as your able.
  13. ModularS197
    ModularS197 Fabman
    Definitely send some pics as soon as you can and what your wanting for it? I know a couple of people who's also intrested too if your having trouble getting sold.
  14. ModularS197
    ModularS197 Fabman
    I was really interested in finding the dual pillar but if you could take a couple of pictures for me to see the condition I may be interested. Thanks
  15. ModularS197
    ModularS197 ILW84U
    Nice I was initially looking to get the raptor upgrade when I was looking through the website. I also meant to include the question of the condition in my last post. So I appreciate you mentioning the shift light area. Do you have a better picture that I can see that as well as the back side? I am interested Also how would you like to proceed with the purchase and shipping? Thanks
  16. Paynej21
    Paynej21 Joe88xj
    What brand is the throttle body adapter? I assume there are no issues with it? Would you do $60.00 shipped to 27587?
    1. Joe88xj
      I can do 60.00 shipped provided that you either send the money using the gift or friends and family option (no fees) with paypal or add 4% and send it the goods and services method so that after fees are deducted i recieve 60.00 for it. Let me know.
      Aug 19, 2020
    2. Joe88xj
      oh also, I purchased this used and it has no markings on it so I dont know what brand it is?
      Aug 20, 2020
  17. BoogalooRoush
    Employee of the month, 8 calendar pages and running...
  18. bmeaggie
    Need more money. Had too many children.
  19. Chris Sparks
    Chris Sparks
    csparks08 2008gt with no ac,no radio,no gas gauge,no oil pressure no turn signal.Possible smart board? floor board dry.Help me!
  20. ceci
    ceci vicious46
    Good afternoon, I love convertible mustangs, what year is this car? And what type of mustang is this? Thank u
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