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You saw me, just in a different car/truck. Had a red/cream 64 Chevy P/U and a old brown ass 32 Ford Sedan.
I go to Cars and Coffee at Shipleys in CS a lot. I'm currently in Paris, TX working on a power plant so I wont be home for 2 months. Then it's back to work on the Mustang. I like working on my cars more than anything. So I have to work to make money to do that. :) :)
Im right up the road from that Shipleys, on Wortham Bend. If I see you there Ill be sure to introduce myself. Whenever you get back haha
That would be great. I need to find a place that does alignments on the 05 Mustang properly. Someone said Dun's does it? I have a negative camber not much but it's noticeable to me. I rotated the strut bearings to make it better but not complete. Shoot I have a whole bunch of stuff to play with when I get back. :)
New guy here. Semi retired electrician. New hobby.2013 roush stage 3phase 3 plus. Having fun. Have alot of parts ,takeoffs from upgrades,which I hope to post soon. Looks like a fun forum. Look forward to getting to know some of you
My killer bee and me spun turn 8 PortlandIntRacway 3/23 bee is fairly smacked up, I was not injured! maneuvering through Hagarty ins claim process. to say I'm sorta bummed out is true, but I think killer bee is pretty lucky for being so smacked up. mostly cosmetic, there is a lot of it though, the doors and the windows work normally.it may need slight tug over & out, anyone have experience tugging on the front

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