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Billy, I sent you a text message about a 6r80 question; I'll post up in the loooong thread where all that is discussed, too.
Well I'm not sure if I like this new layout it's very confusing I can't figure out to put up a post so I'll just ask here. Does this new set up have a "Dark Mode" ? as this blinding white screen is killing me.
Well I can't figure out how to PM you, but you had asked about my brake pads for sale and YES I still have them.
Hello Teeje, I came across this post "Idle issues with lito tune..still :/" about an issue that you had with your car RPM surge. I noticed that you were working with Lito to solve the problem but your last post stated that you had awhile since you last talked to him. As of 9/18/2023 I am dealing with the same issue and I would like to know if you ever got to get it perfect with Lito's help. Thank you.

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