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  1. skwerl

    My delivery truck (smirk)

    When I bought my F150 (crew cab 4x4) I removed the spacers on the rear axle because the ass end was jacked up so high, just like yours. IMO it looks much better with the rear wheels actually in the wheel wells instead of under them. Gets the truck closer to level, doesn't affect hauling or...
  2. skwerl

    2007 Wiper Arm part number drama

    Actually it's because the cheap paint I use fades out. No flaking or peeling. Florida sun is brutal on paint, cooks it to death.
  3. skwerl

    2007 Wiper Arm part number drama

    Doesn't matter if it is a GT or a Shelby or a base model, they all used the same wiper motors. If it fits the wiper motors it doesn't matter what they say it is for. A wiper arm is a wiper arm. Also, repainting wiper arms is not 'ghetto'. I've done it for decades on my older vehicles. It is...
  4. skwerl

    Oil pump failure

    I used the Melling high volume pump in my last 3v, a 2005 F350 with the 5.4. Truck runs great now and no issues with oil pressure any more.
  5. skwerl

    Missfire below 4k that clears up the second you go wot and comes and goes

    As others have stated, start by swapping coils with the affected cylinders and known good cylinders. If the misfires stay on cylinders 2 and 8 after doing that, then you may want to closely inspect (or pressure test) your intake manifold. If the previous owner did the 'ugga dugga' torque method...
  6. skwerl

    CEL on then off?

    Moisture in a connection froze and interfered with conductivity. Once it warmed up it was fine. Prolly just a loose connection somewhere.
  7. skwerl

    Thinking of upgrading from 05 to 13 should I do it?

    I only paid $36k for my 2014 GT California Special brand new. I traded it in 2019 and the dealership sold it for $24K with a one piece driveshaft, Boss 10" rims with Michelin Sport Cup tires and other add ons. It had 25K miles on it.
  8. skwerl

    Want to return to original ride height - lowering kit removal

    Hover over the member's avatar and a box will open. At the bottom left click 'start conversation'.
  9. skwerl

    Want to return to original ride height - lowering kit removal

    I have my stock front and rear suspension off my 2014 Mustang GT but I'm in Florida and the box is pretty heavy. I took it all off the first week I owned the car (less than 50 miles on it).
  10. skwerl

    My delivery truck (smirk)

    The 5.0 is the only engine I would buy in a Ford pickup. My 2016 has 85K and has been perfect. If I want more power I can drop a blower on it and get 700hp easy. And it is good for 300K miles or more. The 3.5 Ecoboost is already maxed out and you are looking at expensive repairs at 150K miles.
  11. skwerl

    Gen 3 coyote supercharger kit on gen 1

    I have no idea what will or will not fit. But I know who I would ask, and he is an expert on all things Ford and supercharged for the last 20 years. My friend Justin Starkey, owner of VMP Performance. He has a knowledgeable staff manning the phones so call up and ask.
  12. skwerl

    Too much upshifting with the automatic

    I agree with Robert. A good tune makes all the difference in the world. I may be biased because I've been using him for over 12 years, but Justin at VMP has done me right on every vehicle I have owned in the last decade+. Ford is notorious for terrible shift characteristics trying to meet the...
  13. skwerl

    Gas tank won’t fill,

    Yes. quit topping off your tank. It overflows into the carbon evap filter and soaks it, preventing it from venting. Just live with it until it clears up and quit trying to round up to the next even number when the pump shuts off. Sometimes holding the gas nozzle sideways helps it flow better...
  14. skwerl

    It simply won't start

    Any codes?
  15. skwerl

    Thinking of upgrading from 05 to 13 should I do it?

    I had a 2009 Bullitt (heavily modified) and a 2014 GT. The 2014 handled much better and was amazingly stable at 130mph. A few more creature comforts as well. I bought it as a second car to drive instead of my pickup but my pickup rode much better on long trips. In the Mustang I had to stop every...
  16. skwerl

    MMD Retro Mirrors $85 Each

    The post is over 7 years old and the poster hasn't been here in over 6.5 years.
  17. skwerl

    Oh, If Ford Only.......

    My F450 gets 5.5 mpg with the 2v V10. That one would be lucky to get 4 mpg.
  18. skwerl

    P0625, P1285, P1299

    Yeah, no belt will definitely cause lack of cooling or charging.
  19. skwerl

    Replaced Halogen Headlights with LED's

    Sounds like you got some wires reversed.
  20. skwerl

    Might be go big or go home time on my '06

    Speaking as somebody who sunk over $75K into my 3v 2009 Bullitt, I will say that starting off with a 17 year old, 120K mile car is not the platform on which to build a high performance car. My Bullitt made 643hp at the wheels and ran 138mph in the quarter mile. That said, you can get the same...
  21. skwerl

    Does anyone sell short blocks anymore?

    Well considering that a stock 5.0 is 100hp more than a 4.6 3v right off the bat, the 5.0 is a much more desirable choice for a build. And the 4.6 is 12-18 years old now so not much call for an old, slow motor with several issues resolved in the replacement motor. I had a ton of work in my 2009...
  22. skwerl

    Light weight brakes ?

    IMO if you are going to these extremes to build a drag strip car, then it is no longer suitable for the street.
  23. skwerl

    Fuel Filler Not Accepting Fuel

    The carbon evap filter is soaked with fuel from over filling. People cause this issue by topping off the tank after the pump shuts off. Do yourself a favor and once you get this resolved, DO NOT KEEP PUMPING FUEL AFTER THE PUMP SHUTS OFF! I used to have the same problem but being very careful...
  24. skwerl

    Where the heck is the dipstick tube hole in block?

    Put a little hair around it next time...
  25. skwerl

    Gears With Manual Trans....

    I had factory 3.73 gears in my 2009 Bullitt. I loved it, but I also drag raced with a 26" tire. I think 4.10 gears will suit you best.

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