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    Paint Brand?

    To be honest, on a non show car the stuff Summit Racing sells is not that bad. Color won't match the OE perfectly, but if you are painting the whole car it won't matter.
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  4. Dad

    Extra time to burn due to Corona Virus
  5. Dad

    Random battery indicator light

    Alternator replaced, all is well.
  6. Dad

    Random battery indicator light

    New alt should arrive this afternoon. Interesting info to add though. Yesterday on the way home from work, the radio went off. Weird. So I shut off the headlights and the radio came back on. Battery light was NOT on when it happened. Anyway, made it home and shut it off. After about 10 minutes I...
  7. Dad

    Hood Paint Repair Ideas

    Heck if you do good prep you can put on Rustoleum and it looks fine.
  8. Dad

    Random battery indicator light

    I just drove it a few minutes ago and noticed it only comes on between 1000 and 2000 RPM. If I am driving say below 70. If it comes on and I shift to neutral and give a quick rev, light goes off. Sounds like alternator to me as well. I doubt I can find my receipt and I don't remember where I...
  9. Dad

    Random battery indicator light

    This thing will come on while driving down the road, but when I come to a stop it goes off. Might come back on, might not. The battery is about 3 years old and so is the alternator. I can't remember the exact voltages, but with the car off it showed around 12.3 ish volts and with it idling it...
  10. Dad

    Injector question

    No, it went down the intake. I have no leak currently, but I am guessing that is a very real possibility in the future. I also figure that little sucker went past the valves and is melted in the cat converter.
  11. Dad

    Injector question

    I changed all the o-rings on my injectors a week ago. Yesterday #4 started leaking so I popped the rail off to re-seat. All the injectors came out with the rail and popped out of the manifold as well. One of them the o-ring and the little plastic(?) collar below the o-ring came off and were down...
  12. Dad

    water in spare tire well

    There are small trim pieces between the trunk lid and the top. They are about an inch wide. Pop those out, clean them and the valley they came from and apply sealant. Mine did the same thing and when I pulled those out (they literally almost fell out) there was a small crack under them. Sealed...
  13. Dad

    Aren't you a little too old for that car? (Answer)

    Anybody asking that question probably is either a douche driving his dad's car, or a car bought with dad's money. Most people understand hot rods are not cheap. You need a decent job to be able to afford to buy/build/drive one. Go to just about any car show and the nicest cars are owned by older...
  14. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    DISCLAIMER: I had zero input on paint color. My 7 and 8 year olds picked it out. Would be awesome if anyone was a Dolphins fan..... but hey. Getting close. I have to put on the last section on the roof then shingle it. Then it will be the railing, windows, a few small side pieces, whatever else...
  15. Dad

    Changed my oil the other day and... I only was able to remove 4 quarts.

    Was the oil hot when you drained it? Another possibility, although it isn't very common and also unlikely that you wouldn't notice, is you have a blow-by problem and your air box is full of oil.
  16. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    If I did this for a living I would go with Dewalt or Milwaukee, but for home use these are gonna be fine. An 80 degree Saturday got me to this point. I had to take down the back wall and shorten it. I was hitting the tree and either had to move it in about a foot or make it shorter...
  17. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    Shhhhh..... People talk crap about Craftsman power tools, but this thing is STOUT. If I did this stuff for a living I probably would go with Dewalt or Milwaukee, but for home use I love these things. Everything done on this project so far has been done with this. Other than digging post holes...
  18. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    Day 2. Safety is very important. Since I was doing a good bit by myself, I attached a scrap of plywood to the bottom of the rim and set the joist on it while I hung the joist hangers. I am sure that I didn't come up with this before anyone else. The kids are hard on bits. I think...
  19. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    Lowe's brought the lumber Saturday. After an afternoon's work.
  20. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    Thank you for the input. I had thought maybe a 6x6 for the corner posts would be better and still go 4x4 for the other posts. I could just set the rim band on top of those and use brackets there. I would be running my joists the 8' direction for the sake of simplicity. Here's my sketch of what...
  21. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    So I am about to start a tree fort for the kids and I have a couple questions. First off, do I need to use 2x10 for the joists or can I go with 2x6? The whole thing will be about 8x16 ft. Next, I will be using 4x4 posts at the corners and maybe another in the center of each long side. Is it...
  22. Dad

    Auto Transmission problem

    Make sure if you do this yourself it is sitting level with the engine running and the transmission hot. Take the little screw out of the center of the drain plug, you should get some fluid out when you do. You can also add it from there using this thing...
  23. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    Finished up the downstairs bath/laundry room. New floor tile, new paint, new toilet, new glass tile backsplash for the sink. Those things are a PITA to cut. 12 projects down, 10 to go. When the project list is blank, then wifey says I can buy a truck. Motivation yo.
  24. Dad

    What have you done to your house today

    I am trying to motivate myself for a bathroom overhaul. We have blue tub, sinks, and toilet from the 60's. Given the sheer weight of the tub I would rather leave it and refinish the thing but I have zero experience with the kits that are available so I don't know how good they are. Anybody use...

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