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  1. MasterofDisaster

    New Member in North Jersey

    Welcome! Nice looking car.
  2. MasterofDisaster

    What a PITA!

    Mine are about an inch or two upstream of the flange. I have BBK ceramic shorties. I had thought that the sensor would be easier to removed due to the ceramic, but that took some serious torque to loosen.
  3. MasterofDisaster

    What a PITA!

    I had a P0153 that I thought might have been due to humidity and low temps. Cleared the code, but it came back in dryer weather. Yesterday I replaced the upstream left side sensor with an NTK 22060 sensor. What a pain in the assets! I thought it would be easy b/c I had no memory of it from...
  4. MasterofDisaster

    New from Vegas, 09’ GT500

    Welcome. Sweet ride!
  5. MasterofDisaster

    Just wanted to say "Hey"

    Welcome! Best of luck w/ your 05.
  6. MasterofDisaster

    Missing on cylinder 1

    I had this sort of problem about 18mo ago. I was able to verify that the ignition was working and the injector was working. Mechanic smarter than I figured out it was a bad computer.
  7. MasterofDisaster

    Jack stands header install

    I used jackstands on the car. I cut two 14" or so chunks of 2x8 and screwed them together to make a nominal 4x8. I used that between the jack and oil pan front flange. If you use anything other than 6-point sockets on those fasteners, your momma raised some damn fools.
  8. MasterofDisaster

    California Smog

    Oh, BTW - don't use anything but 6-point sockets on your exhaust manifold/pipe bolts. 12-point sockets will round them off like crazy.
  9. MasterofDisaster

    Building inspection...why bother?

    I think home inspections are worthless. The doofus who inspected our home failed to note massive leaks from the master bathroom. I think it's just a pointless drill that benefits realtors and banks. I wouldn't rely on one.
  10. MasterofDisaster

    California Smog

    I installed BBK ceramic coated shorties, and they came with a CARB EO # and sticker. The downside is that you don't get a lot of power out of them compared to long tubes. I do like that the ceramic coating reduces temps under the hood.
  11. MasterofDisaster

    Control Arms

    I installed the GT500 LCA in fall 22, and I'm very happy with them. I'm only writing to note that when you install the rear flag bolts, "To ease installation, the position of the lower control arm nut and flag bolt can be reversed to allow installation of the nut from underneath the vehicle."...
  12. MasterofDisaster

    Seeking Advice for Bathroom Remodeling Dilemma

    You're quite welcome. Best of luck!
  13. MasterofDisaster

    New to forum. Colorado member 07 Shelby GT

    Gorgeous. Welcome. Looks like the front range near Jeffco.
  14. MasterofDisaster

    Trouble with steering rack

    Forgive me if I'm being stupid, but the hex on the bottom is welded to the k-member. It won't move. The bolts must be installed and removed from the top. Maybe try tightening the bolts on top of the rack. I had to use a ratcheting box end wrench. Again, I apologize if I'm being stupid.
  15. MasterofDisaster

    New 07 GT Owner

    Beautiful! Welcome. If the brakes are original, you'll probably want a brake job. I upgraded with braided stainless steel lines, and I'm happy I did. I also upgraded to 2011 front rotors and brackets, and I'm happy w/ that too...
  16. MasterofDisaster

    CEL on then off?

    Makes sense. Thanks!
  17. MasterofDisaster

    CEL on then off?

    CEL lit this morning when it was really cold. Drove about 20 miles, scanned the code, and it came back P0153, bank 2 sensor 1 show response. Thought I'd order another 02 sensor, but when I went out 20min later, the CEL was off. Does this happen much? Why would the CEL turn off? FWIW, the...
  18. MasterofDisaster

    2006 Mustang GT - S550 interior, 7.3 Godzilla, 10r80

    did the same swap with a slightly newer Mustang. He had a lot of fabrication to do, and I suppose you as well. Funny for all the development that went into a DOHC 5.0, the slick trick turns out to be more displacement and a roller cam.
  19. MasterofDisaster

    Seeking Advice for Bathroom Remodeling Dilemma

    Much depends on the style of the house and the size of the bathroom. We had a small 1950s ranch with a small bathroom. I had to rework almost all of the plumbing and take some walls down to the studs. B/c the room is small we went with small format carrara marble mosaic floor tile. It's...
  20. MasterofDisaster

    Hi from Germany!

    Wilkommen! Nice looking GT/CS. This is a good site for advice on how to fix things on your own.
  21. MasterofDisaster

    New Chic! 07 GT/CS 'vert

    You bought new Bud Light? Welcome aboard!
  22. MasterofDisaster

    2010 Mustang GT Tranny/Rear Diff noises

    Do you feel a vibration? I had a 67 that shook violently when I took my foot of the gas. Turned out to be a bad U-joint.
  23. MasterofDisaster

    New Member

    Welcome aboard! You post a pic of your ride.
  24. MasterofDisaster

    What is this clank?

    I have to be really patient shifting 1st - 2d when it's cold. Tapping the throttle helps.
  25. MasterofDisaster

    Utube and Mustang advise

    Yes, the a/c is to keep the seals lubricated. I think you have a good plan for the winter.

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