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  1. Huberoy123

    Getting the steering wheel audio buttons to work on a Premium steering wheel upgrade

    Did your old steering wheel have radio controls. If not, you are looking at something a little more complicated. I would contact support to see if they have a module that would help.
  2. Huberoy123

    Adding Foglights to my 09 Convertible

    Several years ago, I purchased fog lights and got a harness off of ebay. The harness included a relay, fog light wiring and a off,/on button. I installed the button in the cabin and everything worked fine. I avoided tampering with the existing wiring. I didn't want to screw anything up. Good...
  3. Huberoy123

    4.0L CAI?

    Many years ago, I had a 2007, V6 and purchased a Ford Racing CAI. They mailed me a tune based on my PCM, and I had the dealer install it.
  4. Huberoy123

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Built a fan setup for my trunk to keep my 3 amplifiers cool. Used 2 - 120mm, 12 volt fans, and wired them to a relay and temperature controlled switch and fan speed controller. The relay will be triggered by the amplifier turn on circuit, and the fans will turn on when the preset thermostat...
  5. Huberoy123

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Replaced the Kenwood Mono amplifier and kenwood subs. Looking for more thump in the trunk. Replaced it with a 1200 watt amplifer.
  6. Huberoy123


    Stop past a local muffler shop for an estimate. The should be able to replace the mufflers, for a reasonable cost. I purchased some GT take off mufflers and had a local muffler shop install them. Good luck.
  7. Huberoy123

    Application of 303 Protection to Convertible Top

    I just cleaned mines. I use a damp cloth with laundry detergent to wipe it down, and spray the hoses and plastic with Armor All. I am also reluctant to spray my engine. I had a friend who was an engineer who sprayed his regularly. Said it wouldn't harm anything.
  8. Huberoy123

    Detroit Axle good stuff?

    Bad experience for me with struts. Easy install, but car felt like it was going to fall apart. Switched them out for well known brand and no more issues.
  9. Huberoy123

    Daytime Running Light ideas

    I had the same lights. Purchased the LED strips on eBay and wired them using a relay and button in the cabin.
  10. Huberoy123

    Choice for the rear tires, need Help!

    The Pilot Sport would be my choice, in a smaller tire.
  11. Huberoy123

    Resonators to quiet down Borla ATAK

    I had the same issue several years ago. Found 2 take-off OEM mufflers for $50 on Craigs list. The sound is good for me. Previously on a 2007 V6, I installed Ford Racing duals. I loved the sound. I was told that Borla manufactured them for Ford.
  12. Huberoy123

    Daytime Running Light ideas

    I wired mines, using a relay and on/off button inside the cabin. Purchased a harness that included the relay and switch for around $15.00. I got a warning ticket in Maryland. Sign said headlights were required. I explained that my fogs were on to act as DLRs. Officer said my rear running...
  13. Huberoy123

    Pioneer AVIC-8500NEX wiring questions

    I found it easier to tap into the reverse light at the housing. I would have had to disassemble the shifter housing to access the reverse wiring.
  14. Huberoy123

    Help with my Audio ideas

    LOL.Tell us how you really feel.
  15. Huberoy123

    Help with my Audio ideas

    To each his own. You have to do what makes you happy. Happy listening.
  16. Huberoy123

    Help with my Audio ideas

  17. Huberoy123

    Help with my Audio ideas

    I was also reluctant to put subs in the trunk because of the loss of space. However, it wasn't an issue because the rear seats fold down. I carry a pad to cover the area, and there is a lot of space for occasional use. I love the sound of the subs in the trunk. Never could wrap my head around...
  18. Huberoy123

    Help with my Audio ideas

    I used DIY adapters I built, using plastic cutting boards. Made templates from cardboard and cut the plastic. Mounted the speakers and screwed the adapter in. I was able to reassemble the factory cover. Got the idea from a post on it may still be there.
  19. Huberoy123

    Help with my Audio ideas

    I installed 6.5 speakers in the factory 8 locations. I highly recommend doing that. I installed 2, 12 inch subs in the trunk. Don't know much about the skar brand, but they are gaining popularity.
  20. Huberoy123

    speaker/amp upgrade time

    Welcome to the sound upgrade club. I had the same impression when I upgraded. I actually like the kicker grills. Happy listening.
  21. Huberoy123

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Made some changes to the panel separating my trunk from the rear seat. Drilled some 6 inch holes to allow the sound from my subwoofers in the trunk to pass through better. Adding speaker grills for a polished look.
  22. Huberoy123

    What are these?

    Thanks. Useful information.
  23. Huberoy123

    Wanting To Upgrade Suspension.

    Recommend good struts and shocks and GT 500 struts mounts, if it's going to be a daily driver. It's low enough from the factory for me. No, to lowering.
  24. Huberoy123

    2006 GT Convertible top HELP

    Sorry to hear about your issue. If you don't get any responses, you may have to take it to a shop for diagnosis/repair. Sometimes, some upholstery shops repair tops cheaper than a dealer. Tough decision, but sometimes we have to pay the experts. Good luck with your repair.

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