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  1. zoomerman46

    3v Mustang Insurance

    Have had my 2005 GT insured with Grundy's for the last 16 years.Insured for full agreed upon value of 26,500. No mileage restrictions but cant be your primary car and must be garaged when not being used. Cost $354.00 Yearly. $300,000/10000 coverage.Plus all OEM parts if available.
  2. zoomerman46

    MGW Shifter

    Have original first gen MGW shifter in my 05GT since 2006. Never a problem. Set at 6 turns. I've played with the position of the handle from slight offset side to side to reversing the handle forward to backward.Untill I found what was most comfortable position. One other thing that helped was...
  3. zoomerman46

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    If you go with the clear lenses use the Stealth Bulbs. Silver coated but when turned on they glow Yellow. I have had both on my 05 GT for at least 12 years. Can get them on Amazon
  4. zoomerman46

    Need Advice On Correct Serpentine Belt Size/Part# For Saleen VI S/C With 3.6" Pulley

    2005 GT with Saleen Series VI SC with 3.6 pulley. All pulleys are stock Saleen. Belt is Gates K061080.Have run this setup for 14 years with no problems. Was going to go to a 3.4 pulley and bought a Gates K0610075 belt never installed it along with 3.4 pulley. Still hanging in the garage.
  5. zoomerman46

    2005 GT driveshaft

    Another alternative is this I have a 2005 GT with a Saleen Series VI 450 rwh. Rear dropped 1in on Roush springs and the Shaft Master 3.5in aluminum drive shaft.installed 11 years ago.No issues no problems. Fixed the slop with old stock drive shaft...
  6. zoomerman46

    Is 91/93 octance required for 450rwhp on F/I?

    So, if you want to run 450RWHP, at least three things need to happen you need air, fuel and timing.If anyone one of these are missing, I don't believe you will get to 450 with a 91 tune. Run the highest octane available in your location. What size injectors are you using? Minimum would be...
  7. zoomerman46

    Feels like something is hitting my MGW Shifter

    I have an original MGW shifter in my 05 GT. I had set the turns out to around seven and had no problems.I later r/r driveshaft with a new ShaftMasters 4" Aluminum driveshaft. Drove off and could hear clicking sound from underside of the car. Back up on the lift and found that the bottom of the...
  8. zoomerman46

    The PIC WHORE CLUB!!! Knock before you Enter!!!

    Here's a couple pic's of my 05 GT next to a restored P-51 Mustang Racer
  9. zoomerman46

    Modded vehicle insurance - who has it?

    Check out Grundy's. You can insure for any agreed amount. Have my 05 GT insured for full replacement valve of 25,000. Insurance cost based on agreed valve of the car
  10. zoomerman46

    Modified car insurance

    Grundy's for me is the way to go.Two restrictions are car is not a daily driver and it must be garaged.You can insure it for any agreed amount, cost is based on the insured amount. Also they guarantee to use only OEM replacement parts for repairs They don't care how modified your car is along...
  11. zoomerman46

    Rear suspension

    Are you sure it's coming from the rear end of the car?I had clicking and popping on my 05 GT. Turned out to be front end sway bar end links. The stock original ones from Ford are a piece of crap.Replaced both with new improved Ford links,problem solved.
  12. zoomerman46

    Introduction & Saleen charged progress thread

    Nice find.! Welcome to the Saleen SC Club. Do know what size pulley is on the front of the SC? They increment down from 4.0 to 2.8. Each drop gets you about 2 to 21/2 lbs of boost. I have an 05 GT with a Saleen SC with a 3.6 pulley,Ford Racing TB and HI-flow Catt X-Pipe , dyno'd around 450...
  13. zoomerman46

    Tasca car show & BBQ

    What!!!!!!!!! No John Force??? Only kidding. I have entered my 05 Mustang GT in the show for the last five years. They fill up the lot with most of the models and years of Fords. The Tasca's go all out for this show. It's worth the 70 mile drive for me to their place.
  14. zoomerman46

    Saleen blower VI throttle body upgrade

    I am running a Saleen Series VI,3.6 pulley,39lb injectors,KB-Bap 20amp with a Ford Racing TB,95mm WMSRacing CAI and Cervini Ram-Air hood getting direct outside air straight into the TB.. Custom SCT tune. 7.5lb boost with a hi-flow catted x-pipe and stock mufflers. Dyno,d on a Mustang Dyno...
  15. zoomerman46

    To My 05-09 Peeps

    26k on my 05 GT
  16. zoomerman46

    Popular gauges for boosted applications.

    I went with the SOS two pod pillar C2 gauges(Boost and Fuel pressure) for my Saleen Series VI SC. I like the look clean and out ofthe way.
  17. zoomerman46

    Picture Request 295 tires on 9 inch Wheel

    Personally I would not run 295/45-18 Nito555's on a 9" rim. Here is a picture of my 05 GT with 295/45-18's on a 18x10 rim with Rousch rear springs that lower it about 1 1/4 ". NO rubbing plenty of clearance with the wheel well. Anything bigger than 285's need to be on 10" or larger rims.
  18. zoomerman46

    XXR 531

    I'm running 18x10's on the rear with 295-45 Nitto 555 with Rousch rear springs dropped 1.5 inches and have no clearance issues and do not stick out past fender. But offset is stock +45mm. Here is pic of the rear of my car.
  19. zoomerman46

    please join us on facebook ( MGW ) !!!

    Done. installed my MGW shifter in 2006. Never miss a shift with it. Solid product!!
  20. zoomerman46

    Wheel Replica Cobra R

    Here's couple pictures of my 05 GT with OE-Wheel after market Chome 98 Cobra R's 18/9 fronts and 18/10 rears with OEM Cobra R center caps
  21. zoomerman46

    Car collector insurance for our S197!!

    Same here with Grundy's 4 years on my 05 GT insured value at 28K Yearly cost $411. No claims ,so can't comment on their service. Grundy's does require a must have DD car.
  22. zoomerman46

    Aluminum Driveshaft..1 piece

    I have had a Shaftmaster 3 1/2 " drive shaft in my 05 GT for over 5 years with out any problems,Had up to 120 mph a few times with NO vibrations. Solid product from a very good vendor. I was lucky enough back then to get it as part of a group buy.You will be pleased with this drive shaft. No...
  23. zoomerman46

    Shift light

    Go with Raptor. Check out their website. Simple install three wires. Ground,tap a cop and and power source. Set the rotary switch for the RPM and done. Light comes on when you hit the desired rpm . Raptor proformance has the install instructions on their site.
  24. zoomerman46

    SLP Line Lock Group Buy once again!!

    price shipped to 06066 2005 GT
  25. zoomerman46

    FS: Saleen Supershaker upgrade *Avaliable 02/25 *

    Just curious, can you tell me who you bought the 6.5 lid from? Please post up the numbers once you have it installed and dyno'd. Will be interesting to see what gains you end up with. I'm running the stock Series VI lid with a 3.6 pulley so the numbers may not help me as you have the Super...

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