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  1. AHaze

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Those are the OE speakers, at least on the Shaker equipped cars. Had the same ones in my '05
  2. AHaze

    Brake Upgrade Different Sizes question

    Vorshlag extensively road raced a 2011 GT and used the 4 piston fronts with both rear rotor sizes at different points. I honestly recommend going through the build thread. It's long but IMHO, worth the time if you're even semi serious about making an S197 handle...
  3. AHaze

    What size exhaust pipe to use?

    How much power are you planning on making? 2.5" is probably fine up to the point where you would need a built short block but if you're close to that point it may be worth stepping up to 3" while you're at it. FWIW, the early S197 GT500s only had 2.5" and I'm pretty sure they only stepped it up...
  4. AHaze

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Disconnect the fuel line from the hat, clamp a length of rubber line in its place and run it into a suitable container. Bypass the pump control module to provide power to the pump.
  5. AHaze

    Gauge located

    This is another option. Sorry about the sideways pic, not sure why it's doing that. I have my wideband mounted in the other center vent. I actually prefer the look and function of the center pod posted above by 07 Boss but I wasn't willing to put holes in my dash.
  6. AHaze

    changing injectors

    I'd guess unlikely. If you want to know for sure, datalog a full throttle pull and record injector duty cycle vs RPM. I've generally heard keeping IDC below 85% is ideal. I probably wouldn't bother putting bigger injectors in unless it's going past 90% for a significant chunk of the rev range or...
  7. AHaze

    adding an oil cooler questions

    I definitely wouldn't do it without some form of thermostatic control and quite honestly, if you aren't ever beating on the car hard for more than 5 minutes straight, I'd suspect there's no real benefit.
  8. AHaze

    07 SGT tune help

    A standard GT puts you in pretty much the exact same position as your Shelby GT as far as being able to "mod to your hearts desire" and still guarantee passing emissions. Basically, either way you buy a CARB legal kit and install as is with the included tune. You could, of course, run another...
  9. AHaze

    07 SGT tune help

    Just a heads up, that $900 dyno tune, while likely better than any "catch-all" tune included with a kit will most certainly not be CARB legal. Not sure if that matters where you are but there are places where they check for that and any state or county could start doing the same at any time. The...
  10. AHaze

    07 SGT tune help

    My Vortech has CARB EO# D-213-26 on the gear case tag. The document associated with that number specifically mentions "ECU upgrade" as being included under that EO#. The E-Force stage 1 kit has CARB EO# D-215-89 which specifically includes the words "reflashed ECM". In both cases, the...
  11. AHaze

    07 SGT tune help

    They do but that's completely irrelevant to the installation of a supercharger. An '05 GT and a '10 GT also have different tunes but the Vortech kit on my car came with one tune that covers both because the parts that are still on the car after the blower is installed are effectively identical.
  12. AHaze

    07 SGT tune help

    You have the FRPP cold air intake. This will be removed when most superchargers go on because they include their own CAI. The FRPP intake manifold is just that, a manifold. No '05-'10 Mustang came from the factory with this part.
  13. AHaze

    07 SGT tune help

    Your stock tune file will be saved to whatever device is included with the Paxton kit when you flash the new tune. The Paxton kits include a new MAF housing so the Ford Racing intake will be completely removed and is a non issue. Once the blower is on there will be zero tuning difference...
  14. AHaze

    Slow 3v still cant hook

    I'm on the same tires. I spent hours hot lapping an 1/8th mile track last summer in pursuit of a decent 60'. All manner of clutch engagement technique / launch rpm combinations traction control on and off, pressures down to 15 psi. Nothing worked. All three rear control arms are aftermarket and...
  15. AHaze

    Freeze Plug access help

    IIRC, the block freeze plugs are nominally 38mm. If you can get a set of inside calipers in there, you could confirm that. My local parts store has a box in the back with multiple sizes of universal parts like this, o-rings, roll pins, trim fasteners etc... Alternatively, you could order the...
  16. AHaze

    Mustangs in Winter

    With modern winter tires, a RWD vehicle is fine in anything but the absolute worst road conditions. I have driven a '88 Mustang, '91 Cougar , '95 Caprice and '07 Magnum through multiple Northern Alberta winters without serious incident. The Magnum, with it's stability control on top of being on...
  17. AHaze

    Flaming River rack and pinion or?

    I don't have a write up for you but a bunch of Volvos from '04-'13 used an electrically powered hydraulic power steering pump. 3 wires and a couple custom hoses and it can replace the belt driven pump in just about any vehicle. It's likely heavier than the stock pump but you could mount it in...
  18. AHaze


    Looks like the A pillar trim was either installed incorrectly or is missing a tab or clip. I can't imagine the dash could shrink and it doesn't look broken to me.
  19. AHaze

    Flaming River rack and pinion or?

    Are you doing this just to get rid of the parasitic power loss or is losing a few lbs. also a concern? If just the former, you can convert to the '11+ EPAS rack or run the Volvo electric pump on your stock rack.
  20. AHaze

    Pmas cai

    I have my doubts. I spent some time looking for a way to extend my intake tube into the area behind the bumper cover on my '05 and there just isn't room to run a 3.5" tube through that corner of the engine bay. With 3D scanning/printing, it may be possible to come up with some complex piece with...
  21. AHaze

    Low oil pressure at stop

    If the gauge is pointing somewhere in the normal range while driving and then drops to zero at idle, there's a good chance you have extremely low pressure. A faulty sensor is more likely cause the gauge to stick in one spot. The gauge in the cluster is basically a dummy light with a needle that...
  22. AHaze

    Want to return to original ride height - lowering kit removal

    Th H&R kit you linked is adjustable. Why not try spinning the collars all the way up before you decide you want to get rid of them? Says it goes as high as 1.2" lower than stock which is about the height that stock should have been IMO. If the bump stops are still the original red ones, swap...
  23. AHaze

    Need pricing info on GT500 take-off parts.

    A GT500 TB on an NA 4.6 isn’t worth the cost and effort it takes to bolt it on and re-tune for it. Department of Boost makes intake manifolds to put the GT500 blower on a 3V or Coyote. It's a pretty well respected setup. For reference, they give you $700 off the price of the full kit if you...
  24. AHaze

    On3 fuel wiring?

    Pumps in a return system traditionally run at full speed all the time. I know of some exceptions where the pump is run on a 2-speed strategy (I assume based on MAF) but none that combine a return line and full PWM control.
  25. AHaze

    Good Fuel return system for boosted 05 Mustang GT

    A stock GT500 has 500 HP and I'd bet Ford designed a pretty good safety margin into the fuel system. Those pumps should have no issue feeding any stock bottom end 4.6 3V without a BAP. You can always add it later if you discover FPDC is creeping past 90% during tuning. Bigger rails and lines are...

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