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  1. FredB66

    Jack stands header install

    I installed my LTH's last year on 4 jack stands and some other means of extra protection is a good idea. Jacked up the motor at the front flange of the oil pan with a wood block that I carved up to fit. It wasn't too bad. As always, the hard parts are the unexpected things. In my case, a...
  2. FredB66

    Non Mustang tire rim question

    None of what they said make sense. I'd go to a different tire shop. The solution may be as simple as dismounting the tires, cleaning up the sealing surface on the rims and remounting them. If there's pitting on the sealing surface from corrosion, new rims may be the answer, but I'd start with...
  3. FredB66

    Corbeau GTS II Leather Seats

    Yes, they are still available.
  4. FredB66

    Lito tune vs Diablo Sport canned tunes.

    Lito is awesome, but it really depends on future plans for your car. If you have more mods planned he's definitely worth it as he'll update your tune at a very reasonable cost. When I worked with him about a year ago, he required an AFR for a boosted car but would tune without it for NA.
  5. FredB66

    Best Shower Head?

    This guy's MO is pretty obvious. He posts a random DIY question followed by a 'thanks in advance for your help' and then sits back and watches the churn. Look at his posting history. He's just yanking everyone's chain.
  6. FredB66

    New 07 GT Owner

    Welcome...Nice looking Mustang!
  7. FredB66

    Howard’s rattler cams not being long enough

    Are you sure that you have them on the correct sides? Left and right are different.
  8. FredB66

    I did something dumb, maybe...

    Backfeeding is a great idea. I'd just do it with the car on jack stands just in case.
  9. FredB66

    Corbeau GTS II Leather Seats

    Price dropped to $500
  10. FredB66

    What’s missing here ?
  11. FredB66

    Detroit Rockers or Howard’s Rattler

    I had the 'safe number' discussion with Lito and I totally agreed with what he had to say. Predicting mechanical failures is statistical exercise and the probability of catastrophic failure increases with the addition of FI and increasing boost levels. A bad tune or other conditions just...
  12. FredB66

    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

  13. FredB66


    The colored links line up on initial installation of the timing set. If you turn the engine from there they won't line up again for many rotations, I've heard something like 20. Since you don't know where you are timing-wise and have the front cover off, if it were me, I'd start from scratch...
  14. FredB66

    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

    Price dropped to $150
  15. FredB66

    Flat Tire, how do you jack it?

    That's how I do it too...but I use my pinky finger.
  16. FredB66

    Ground/wiring locations

    Here's a link to the manual. Wiring Diagrams\Component Location Views may have what you're looking for. Ford Workshop Service & Repair Manuals - Home - 2005 Mustang (
  17. FredB66

    Corbeau GTS II Leather Seats

    These seats are essentially new with about 4 hours of butt-time on the drivers seat and less than an hour on the passenger seat. Both seats have the shaved base option which lowers the seat about 1" putting them close to the stock seat height. I'm 6'3" 220 lbs. and fit nicely. The included...
  18. FredB66

    BMR Strut Tower Brace

    SOLD BMR Strut Tower Brace #STB011R fits 05-14 GT $75 Pick up Grapevine, TX or buyer pays shipping. Box is 6" x 6" x 48", 9.5 lbs
  19. FredB66

    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

    Price dropped to $200.
  20. FredB66

    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

    I just took these off to install LTHs. I don't think they will be useful to you.
  21. FredB66

    Thermostat Delete?

    I'd be interested to see some actual data on this. The idea of deleting the thermostat for better cooing has been around for as long as I can remember. From a fluid mechanics point of view, a thermostat is a flow restriction and therefore reduces fluid velocity and consequently heat transfer...
  22. FredB66

    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

    I guessed at a zip (77002) but this should be close. UPS Ground is $48. I can't PM you so I'll need contact info.
  23. FredB66

    Pypes Catted H-Pipe

    SOLD Pypes PN HFM26 Fits 2005-10 with stock manifolds or shorty headers. This exhaust has about 5k miles on it. Prefer local pickup (Grapevine, TX) but will ship. Buyer pays shipping (box is 27 lbs, 23"x13"x28") $300 obo.
  24. FredB66

    New from Minnesota

    Welcome! Post some pics of your new ride.

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