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  1. stkjock

    Post your daily driver.

    I was close to a 4 series, but those new front end….. just can’t get with the look
  2. stkjock

    Forgestar F14 18x11 Vorshlag Staggered Offset Anthracite Wheels - NIB

    IIRC - Forgestar/Vorshlag kept those details on the DL, I recall looking when they were available and the details were "proprietary"
  3. stkjock

    New member need help

    Have you checked the MAF and TB for dirt?
  4. stkjock

    New member need help

    Is the car stock? 5spd - you mean manual trans? all 05+ GTs are 5 spd manual or auto
  5. stkjock

    McLeod rst vibrations

    when you removed (disconnected) the DS for the clutch install - did you mark it and install it back in the same spot? DS have been known to cause vibrations, often times by indexing it 180* can solve the issue, it's a zero cost change (but for your time)
  6. stkjock

    WTB: Nice OEM Trunk Mat, 2012-2014

    OP - be cautious of the above post.
  7. stkjock

    Track Day Videos

    use the insert media link in the post
  8. stkjock


    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  9. stkjock

    Some advice need for an emergency call out please

    Last straw here. Thanks for playing
  10. stkjock

    New Member in North Jersey

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  11. stkjock


    :bigwelcome: Messages are not enabled immediately for spam reasons. You’ll need to be around a while before the privilege kicks in. Please read these
  12. stkjock

    New from Vegas, 09’ GT500

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  13. stkjock

    S197 Premium Convertible

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  14. stkjock

    Just wanted to say "Hey"

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  15. stkjock

    Building inspection...why bother?

    please be more careful where you post, moved, not a car topic. I've been tolerant of your continued posting of non-mustang topics, please do not make me reconsider that decision
  16. stkjock

    Charcoal Vapor Hose

    I know you've driven a lot of miles, however, there is a very specific drive cycle in the manual, did you follow it? It's about the sequence and types of driving > total miles driven.
  17. stkjock

    Hello everyone!

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  18. stkjock

    06 GT IN OKC

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  19. stkjock

    New in Ithaca NY

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  20. stkjock

    New to forum. Colorado member 07 Shelby GT

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  21. stkjock

    Good morning

    :bigwelcome: Please read these
  22. stkjock

    Tire recommendations

    well, if you're trying to do it on a budget, use the 18 you have and this tire.
  23. stkjock

    Tire recommendations

    Do you have a rim you’re wanting to use?
  24. stkjock

    Rear O2 sensors off with stock tune

    I do not, but it's in the manual, if you have it, take a look, otherwise it can be found online, it's not about miles, there's a very specific sequence to follow
  25. stkjock

    Rear O2 sensors off with stock tune

    did you do another full drive cycle (per the specifics in the manual) after you loaded the stock tune? these cars have a cascade effect with the readiness on the sensors. I had the issue on my 06GT with a custom tune and needed a full drive cycle to reset all.

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