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  1. nyuk98GT

    Axle rear end question

    Carnage5oh_s197, Best method is a physical test: * Lift the rear wheels off the ground. * Put a mark on the driveshaft and put a mark on teh inside of one rear tire. Masking tape works nicely. * Rotate the driveshaft, counting each revolution, until the tire has made one revolution...
  2. nyuk98GT

    S650 REVEAL

    What "Forty61" said. Rear is too angular, hood has very little drop until the last foot or so, the rectangular digital screen is an eyesore, and the S650 is very heavy. This looks more like a refresh than a re-engineered vehicle. Nice HP but it must be generated at something north of 7k RPM...
  3. nyuk98GT

    Best Camber Caster Kit?

    Steve Shaker, I'm in full agreement with Pentalab and I am a happy Vorshlag customer. The c/c plates are very well designed, construction quality is top-notch, and the customer service is awesome. These plates can be adapted from strut/spring to coilovers so if you plan further suspension...
  4. nyuk98GT

    Headlight wiring

    NovaKane, You need to find a wiring diagram for the headlight harness. Haynes/Chilton's manuals have wiring diagrams. There is an e-shop manual stickied in the forum and there is an electrical section available. edit wiring diagram: " - Headlamps and...
  5. nyuk98GT

    Leaking... Driveshaft?

    TonyGS197, No direct experience but it is odd to me that both ends are leaking. How many miles on the car? If there are a lot, you may want to get a one-piece driveshaft, or, see if a local transmission shop can provide new boots. Not a lot of help but something to think about. :) Chris
  6. nyuk98GT

    Installed BMR Suspension, Question?

    Sorry, RED09GT, I did not click on your link prior to posting a reply. :oops: Travis: NM about the grease. Chris
  7. nyuk98GT

    Installed BMR Suspension, Question?

    Travis, Welcome to the forums! Your shop should know this but polyurethane bushings should be lubed with silicone grease (like SuperLube) and NOT with a conventional grease as the hydrocarbon version will degrade the polyurethane. HTH, Chris
  8. nyuk98GT

    Oil dipstick tube - is it straight or angled?

    Dougmore: Not sure if this will help but... from the site: "Oil Tube - Ford (BR3Z-6754-B)" for the 5.0 L 4V engine (Not sure if the link works but you can...
  9. nyuk98GT

    Ford performance Handling Pack

    Gt197, YMMV but... My car came with the Ford package (non-adjustable struts and shocks, P springs). I added FRPP front and rear sway bars and BMR LCAs, LCA relocation brackets, panhard rod and brace. I added FRPP bump stops but cut the top nub off. I also just added Vorshlag caster/camber...
  10. nyuk98GT

    Splitter for 10-12 GT?

    vxr500, Sorry for the duff info about bluaero - he used to make splitters and that's why I had him bookmarked, lol. I guess there's not enough market for the 10-12 model years. Would Rally Innovations make you a customized splitter? A phone call to them might be worthwhile. There were...
  11. nyuk98GT

    Splitter for 10-12 GT?

    vxr500, I changed out my RTR splitter for the Boss lower valence but when I searched for GT solutions, I found the following sources: MRT (, <--- no, requires CS lower valence, sorry; (Facebook), and SBS Performance Parts (Facebook) I hope these will be helpful...
  12. nyuk98GT

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Vandal, I recommend the combination of Wolfgang's "Perfekt Vision" glass cleaner and a Glass Master triangular-shaped tool that has a microfiber pad that gives good access to the corners and keeps the cleaner off the A-pillar covers. The tool is not mandatory but it focuses the cleaner where...
  13. nyuk98GT

    For sale: 3" Kooks axlebacks, 11 to 14 GT, p/n 114006600

    SOLD!! SOLD!! SOLD!! S197ers, Selling my second-hand 3” Kooks axlebacks. The axlebacks are in excellent condition and have low miles on them (about 300 by the first owner and <200 by me). Part no. 11406600 to fit 2011 to 2014 Mustang GTs. $325 shipped to the lower 48 states. Thanks for...
  14. nyuk98GT

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    S197Forum-ers: Nothing major but finally eliminated a squeak in the rear. Pretty audible in the cabin but not so audible outside. Tracked it down to the urethane bushings of the swaybar endlinks (FRPP s/b installed a while ago) at the sway bar end. I had greased them when I installed the...
  15. nyuk98GT

    How many miles you got?

    2012 GT, just ready to hit 27k. chris
  16. nyuk98GT

    Coil spring isolator

    decableguy2000, Not sure if this is the part you need but Tasca sells this (same number for right and left sides): Sleeve - Ford (6R3Z-5L302-A) HTH, Chris p.s.--Loled at Mr. Fair's quip. :D
  17. nyuk98GT

    Issue with headlights

    Yosep, Check the cabin filter drains (under the hood, passenger side, lift the cowl cover (carefully). If the drains are plugged then water can drain back into the cabin into the junction block and cause some havoc. Look at the connector at the headlight. Any corrosion or discoloration...
  18. nyuk98GT

    Upgrading to LED bulbs for taillights.

    Matt Norris, Check out Diode Dynamics for bulbs. I just ordered 4 (reverse lights) for my '12. Should be delivered this week. Chris
  19. nyuk98GT

    Anyone know where I can find paint to match the "dark stainless" wheel color Ford uses?

    ghunt81, Can't help with paint color but I have another suggestion for you. How about calling a mobile wheel repair outfit? They'll smooth out the road rash, repair any divots, and color-match paint the wheel to the original paint (spraying the whole thing). "AWRS" is Alloy Wheel Repair...
  20. nyuk98GT

    BC Racing (BR series) Camber Plate

    otani25, The "corner carver" sub-forum has a treasure trove of info and Terry Fair/Vorshlag posts frequently, offering a ton of helpful advice based on real-world track experience. I'm not a Vorshlag Kool-Aid drinking fan boy but I do appreciate a vendor and enthusiast sharing hard to come by...
  21. nyuk98GT

    Managing or tuning out - "Rev-Hang"

    759-OR, I'm keen to see the response from Steeda. Not much help other than a little personal experience to share. Fearless Leader is quite correct. Dashpot adjustment will do the trick. I used SCT's ProRacer program to tune my '98 GT and took care of things like: adjusting the dashpot...
  22. nyuk98GT

    Ford Racing aluminum axle cover fit?

    Awesome! Thanks for the Consumer Report, Jeff. I will be happy to buy you a cold beer or two if you get to Missouri anytime. :beer: Chris
  23. nyuk98GT

    Ford Racing aluminum axle cover fit?

    Dubbya, Hey, is that a QuickJack? I am envious! I've been looking at one for a while but haven't committed yet, lol. Which model did you get? What's your experience with it? 100% satisfied? Any complaints? Help a fellow Mustanger spend some money! :D Thank you. Chris
  24. nyuk98GT

    FRPP/Shelby Axle Girdle Diff Cover - Panhard Relocation

    Macman45, Ford Racing "P" springs so 1" lower than stock. I agree that your Sportlines (2" drop) are the difference between needing a PH relo bracket and not. I did not consider the springs affecting clearance of the PH rod. This would be a good geometry quiz question for the highschool...
  25. nyuk98GT

    FRPP/Shelby Axle Girdle Diff Cover - Panhard Relocation

    Macman45, Good work! Thanks for posting an update. I was wondering how your modification worked (just fine, apparently). Oddly, my BMR panhard bar clears the FRPP cover by "a fat 1/4-inch" without a PH bar relo bracket. I suppose there are some geometrical differences between our model...

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