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  1. JCCNY

    So I think I’m gonna sell my car

    Good luck Boss! I've seen you on the forums for many years and know you've put a ton of work and sweat into your car.
  2. JCCNY

    New Member - Virginia

    Welcome, looks good man. Planning any other mods?
  3. JCCNY

    Aren't you a little too old for that car? (Answer)

    I'm 53 and am still enjoying my 06 GT. My father drove a 96 Cobra the last seven years of his life, passed away at 83.
  4. JCCNY

    Midlife crisis Mustang!

    I was going to write something similar. No crisis, just living....congrats OP!
  5. JCCNY

    New member, Grey 2014 S197

    Congrats, friggin beautiful! What mods?
  6. JCCNY

    Trunk lid swap

    All you have to do is dismantle the current assembly and put in in the new lid with the current lock and wiring. I once left a note on a V6 in my color and was texting with this gal for a while trying to talk her into a swap, but it didn't happen. The I saw one online at a local used...
  7. JCCNY

    So, Is She a Goner?

    Glad to hear she'll be fixed and back on the road! Just to add....motherfucker!
  8. JCCNY

    Home Theater AV Receiver suggestions??

    I had a good amount of back and forth messaging the seller. You can use Ebay advanced search to see sold listings and use that info to help justify your offer.
  9. JCCNY

    Home Theater AV Receiver suggestions??

    Ebay, I negotiated on a "best offer" listing. I just checked sold listings and one sold for $405 + shipping in November so there are deals to be had. I also got my Oppo 105D used on Ebay for I think $650 shipped. I was shocked that my offer was accepted. It didn't have a remote, but I got a...
  10. JCCNY

    Home Theater AV Receiver suggestions??

    I bought a used Yamaha RX-A1070 for less than $400 and am very happy with it. It has a quality DAC through HDMI if I'm not using my Oppo 105D for audio. I've always been happy with Yamaha, but I do not have 4k video yet. I'd save hundreds by going used as there's always new technology upgrades...
  11. JCCNY

    WTB for 06 GT MBRP, Corsa Touring mufflers or...

    Thanks for the replies. I just bought the Corsas yesterday from Powered By Ford. Jeepngli, I'll keep you in mind in case the Corsas aren't the right match.
  12. JCCNY

    WTB for 06 GT MBRP, Corsa Touring mufflers or...

    Merrick, NY. I'll shoot you a PM.
  13. JCCNY

    WTB for 06 GT MBRP, Corsa Touring mufflers or...

    I'm looking to swap out my Magnaflow Street axle backs for something with some more bark that don't drone too much. I had Corsa Sports with a catted x and they were too loud, especially on cold starts. The Magnaflows solved that problem, but they're a little too mellow. LMK what you got, thanks.
  14. JCCNY

    Bagged GT/CS Mustang on 20"

    Fucking love it! A girl at work has the same car which is stock, I'm going to show her these pics.
  15. JCCNY

    Modded vehicle insurance - who has it?

    Wow, what company is that Dave? I have Hagerty at about $600 a year with a value of only 18k and my driving record pretty good.
  16. JCCNY

    Black Tail Light Trim (05-09)

  17. JCCNY

    New OEM Boss wheels & tires, local pick UP LI, NY

    OBO, tires are virtually new from the factory.
  18. JCCNY

    New OEM Boss wheels & tires, local pick UP LI, NY

    SOLD!! I bought these on a whim from the owner of a Boss 302R who took them off right after purchasing the car. They're staggered 255/40/19 & 285/35/19 Pirelli P Zero tires. I'll throw in a new Ford Racing TPMS kit which goes for $195 on (sticker on box says 2010-2013, 2014 wasn't out...
  19. JCCNY

    WTB: Wheels

    I don't have a Boss, but that was dumb :shakehead:
  20. JCCNY

    WTB: Wheels

    I've got a set of brand new factory wheels from a 13 Boss with new Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires. Can't say for sure if they clear Brembos though.
  21. JCCNY

    2016 CompO "5.sl0w" S550 Project

    Well done man, I'd love to see & drive your car!
  22. JCCNY

    rear spoilers...

    Agree, like the Roush too. I found a spoiler delete car at a dealer online but they sold it. Then I tracked down the new owner who wanted to swap, very happy with the cleaner look.

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