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    Add fog lights: tap in location?

    @DieHarder nice! I made my own headlights too. But I tappeed my halos into the DRL circuit and made my own circuit for them to work properly. So when I turn on the headlights the halos turn off. I also believe in soldering vs butt connectors!
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    Add fog lights: tap in location?

    Then tap into the parking light wires?
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    Looking to improve handling without lowering the car

    Just throwing this out there but I have Stange shocks. You can adjust them to be a smooth ride or stiff. Maybe something to consider? Oh and Def get the GT500 control arms.
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    Auto Door Unlock

    Of the 2 mustangs I've had a 07 V6 and a 06 GT both doors unlock and open when you pull the inside handle. Does yours do that? Though when putting the car into park they dont auto unlock. I have to push the button if a passenger wants to get in from the outside. Humm. Maybe there is a setting...
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    Transmission swap now my car goes into low power mode when shifting threw gears on

    I swapped a 09 engine and transmission into my 06. What do you mean low power mode? Do you mean the car goes into limp mode? I'm guessing that you changed the transmission oil. We'll you'd have to drain it in order to get to the connector. Did you put in enough? What about the main connector...
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    No drill license plate bracket

    Something like this?
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    Trouble with steering rack

    Just some FYI. You don't need an adjustable rear UCA if your car is not lower than 2". I went through all this myself and did hours of research. I even went through the whole "fixing the pinion angle" when it wasn't necessary. If you are less than 2" just get a Roush UCA since they are better...
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    WTB: 05-09 Mustang factory HID headlight rear dust boot

    Hey. I think I have what you want. Let me take a picture and show you. It's a rubber ring correct?
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    5r55s engage issues from D To R

    If you need to adjust the shifter it's really easy. The bottom of the shifter moves opposite from top. What you do is Jack the car up. Put it in neutral. Disconnect the cable from the shifter after getting under the car. Push the cable all the way in. That park. Pull it 2 clicks. That's...
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    Do all Mustangs have these mirrors or just the GTs?

    I put these mirrors on my 06 GT. I just can't stand the trucker mirrors the car comes with. Lol. They have the heated function and the pod light. I connected the pod light to the map lights and the heated element to the rear defrost button. They are great for the winter months up here in Canada...
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    Who was the Genius?

    Dude I'm taller than you and I don't have any issues with the door subs other than my knee resting on it while driving and I can't hear the sub properly. Not a big deal.
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    Alternator not charging

    If you are going to replace it, buy a 2010 Denso Alternator. They are built better and give more output. The g6 alts in our cars are utter garbage. Don't bother getting another 05-09 alt.
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    Trunk trim fastener frustrations

    This is almost exactly what I did. But instead I used a metal washer and a philips bolt/screw. Never have an issue with it again. I also colored everything black for it to blend in with the interior.
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    Power passenger seat functions for 2012

    Yes. My 06 and 07 had manual passenger side seat. I installed the power rails for them. Just need to find the rails and swap it.
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    How to Install a 2010-2014 Mustang Steering Wheel into a 2005-2009 Mustang

    Glad to hear it worked out. As a matter of fact that also happened to me once lol. If I can, I'll try to help. A lot of strange stuff happened to me over the years with my cars so I'm no stranger to finding solutions haha.
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    4.0 V6 to 5.0 V8 Coyote Swap Guide

    Just don't use a 2011. I read those have issues and were fixed 8n 2012.
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    Rear brake calipers.

    Right! So you did the upgrade and the GT500 rear calipers are the exact same as the ones you took off? Makes me wonder why the price difference if they are the exact same. Thanks for confirming my suspensions. Ford and thier wired numbering system. Lol
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    Rear brake calipers.

    Does anyone here work for Ford in the parts department or know what exactly is the differences other than being painted black between these two rear calipers? (DR3Z-2553-B) & (BRCF-282-) Yes I can read the description but it doesn't say very much. I'd like to know WHY can't I use the 2553 on a...
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    How to Install a 2010-2014 Mustang Steering Wheel into a 2005-2009 Mustang

    That's totally understandable. I guess I don't care cause I have always just disconnected it without unplugging the battery. Lol. Good luck. Hope it works out for you.
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    How to Install a 2010-2014 Mustang Steering Wheel into a 2005-2009 Mustang

    Try this. Take the airbag off. Unscrew the screws to the plate. Remove the plate and make sure the connector to the plate is connected. Place the plate back and push on it making sure the plate touches the metal balls. If the horn sounds it means you tighten the screws to much or it wasn't...
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    Cigarette Lighter Cover (and seat)

    @The06StangGuy No judgment here. My first car was a 07 mustang and I still miss it. Car seat. If you are handy, take the seat apart. It's not very hard. I have/had no mechanical skills and was able to do it. You can then either remove the lumbar support or replace it. Mine was like that until...
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    EPAS Conversion question

    Would the f150 harness be for a 2011+? Thanks for the idea.
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    How to Install a 2010-2014 Mustang Steering Wheel into a 2005-2009 Mustang

    You are most welcome. Before I put in the Dynavin unit, I installed an OEM Nav unit and got everything working. No PAC needed. If you are interested in seeing the guide I used just to compare, lmk and I'll post it.
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    How to Install a 2010-2014 Mustang Steering Wheel into a 2005-2009 Mustang

    Good stuff! Personally I prefer the one made by akdoggie since I helped him with it but this one is really good as well. Good job. FYI You don't need a PAC adapter, even if one installs an aftermarket radio. I do like that you have info about the Dynavin units. Did all this like 2 years ago (the...
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    EPAS Conversion question

    @Deathstang II Im with you there... I am looking into doing this mod as well but cannot justify speading $330 USD on a freaking harness. Thats nuts. Need to figure out how to use the OEM one.

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