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    What's this third plug in the radio harness for?

    Sometimes if fuse avail. for gauge illumination can tie-in right there, then dim with instrumentation lighting levels. Use blade type stakon and push in with fuse tab on the load side of coarse not Buss side. Only what I would try.
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    Where does extra sound insulation make the most difference?

    Not trying to change anybody’s mind, just question? Did similar can’t remember when all or what now (‘90 Escort was one) but filled cavities with a non-flammable batten insulation. Seemed to work great, not house type but used to insulate steam and oil boilers- commercial/industrial grades...
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    Boss/GT500 rear diffuser installed

    Looks good, the stripe makes it. Think that type are on the Laguna Secas, mine not like that.
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    HVAC - Does anyone know where this is?

    Might be high pressure compressor shutoff switch? A transducer transfers mechanical function to electrical or vice-verse. How I always defined anyway.
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    10" wide wheels up front

    Others might not agree but sure. Smaller rim with tire that measures a bit taller to match OEM height. Too wide in front though might affect steering also. Too much contact with Road and those under/over tire pressures that wear out tread life way quick. Turning and steering with that much...
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    Who can this be @ 4AM…

    Roger that on hard to see, we knew he heads around there at that time but first photo. He’s a stray cat adapted 12 years ago. Comes in every night and won’t even go out if raining or several inches of snow. Typical, one of the pups likes him and other runs him ragged.
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    What's this third plug in the radio harness for?

    Certainly is clean looking upgrade, just wonder if that feature is/was in radio or part of a dash mount photo-eye for general illumination?
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    Who can this be @ 4AM…

    It’s Benjamin on his morning patrol behind wood shed (center of photo), keeps the trails safe and secure for us. Yellow 2 dot marker is for railroad track flange cleaner to lift rack for paved road crossing (snow storms). Train coming through any minute now…
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    oil catch can leaking

    Had really messed up, spell check can think of worse things than I ever could, not to mention what I screw up.
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    What's this third plug in the radio harness for?

    Darn those 2 wires with that color code is very familiar but can’t place use either? Gotta look up, they’re automotive industry label standard as I remember and different amp fuses are color coded. Color Code.pdf If sailing Mustang...
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    Front Suspension Help Needed

    Just saying but I couldn’t fathom myself. Some front end play is required and normal with certain suspensions only within the 1/4” range. You MIGHT be fixing something that needs to be present? Yes, am speaking about the “factory service manuals” clearly explained but found nowhere’s else...
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    Where does extra sound insulation make the most difference?

    Nice work, makes what factory has shameful. Way well done, and to see insulation intact. Not bunch of bits or torn in half pieces. Believe rewards here are going to be very fruitful.
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    oil catch can leaking

    Yes sir, can’t help but admire these engines, know I probably have burned 20 gallons of oil over years and didn’t know any better. Still don’t, yes check my catcher so often and usually a few tablespobackwards) (inline of coarse) in intake hose. If crankcase pressure exceeds intake air it...
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    Lunati VooDoo #21270700 Camshafts

    Thanks much Juice and JC, no wonder nobody could explain. Good answers, seem to have more questions sometimes as maybe a few solutions. GlassTop- Your info is priceless, sorry on my interference here. Just keep thinking of “well what if” or “how about this”. Yes I know, problem has been brain...
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    Mustang GT 2005 Autmatic/ 5R55S

    So that’s 100,000 miles OD and a car 15+ years old, tranny still functions if babied. Was complete fluid force flush done and new filter change? Just didn’t pickup on if it was, read things too fast.
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    Strange sound exhaust when engine is off

    Made me think too here. Suppose a Cat is completely plugged and you have built up exhaust pressure at inlet and bleeding off after through tailpipe(s)?
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    Paint Colour Mismatch (Redford G2)

    Exact same thing when Wife got my brand new Turbo Z sideswiped. Thought she could make it through mid-stop intersection. Paint was Pearl Garnet Red, entire side here/there mismatched showed from a distance but it was blended in spray, not piece by piece. What was done was a complete compounding...
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    oil catch can leaking

    Not sure I understand CR. You’re saying catch can good idea with supercharging or turbo charging to prevent oil from getting pumped into CAI? Understandable if crankcase gets pressurized, will need a catch can gallon size. What I’ve seen is the owners are putting them on non-boosted engines just...
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    Lunati VooDoo #21270700 Camshafts

    Yes, the lopey/choppy idle, Boss does that with Track Key program. Is it really the cams or a simulation or a feature that actually performs two-fold? Nobody can say outright, no claims made at all other than car runs better. Point being is a similar program out there, maybe have the best of...
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    oil catch can leaking

    Those not complicated, vacuum created there to pull in crankcase fumes and oil mist from crankcase depths to reburn at high speeds. So install Ford OEM PCV valve and connect catch can hose input to that. If I had to of done complete replacement of everything, would still be in Stone Age waiting...
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    Fuel pump issue!

    Just a few thoughts- 1) If pressures are high enough, what shuts both pumps off? Those would be a positive liquid displacement operation, pressure switch(es) required? 2) Is it auxiliary pump only not activating (always did before) not clear? Possibly 2 stage intervention related to fuel...
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    2014 Base to Track Apps Cluster Swap

    Learned so far: 1) The change can be done with existing base for either standard or Track App. Makes sense, have had TA from day 1 but to extract all info seems full time appointment. Actually think too much trivia there and that A/F ratio feature… who cares where you’re driving just keep eyes...
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    Plugged the Sound Tube

    Yes, recalling now with my Lil’ Red I could use gallon of water a day 64 miles round trip pending on hills, speed, traffic. All depended how much you stepped on gas. About that time (‘79) everything going unleaded gas, can’t say about other states then on that. Compression up from ‘79, 10? to 1...
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    Plugged the Sound Tube

    Thanks for asking CR. Goes way back… car would always perform better on a rainy high humid day. Return to 60’s never questioned a whole lot with our ‘67 Fastback. As years progressed and I had a Lil’ Red Express Truck, built my own WI. Not that difficult with carburation, used spray bottle...
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    Calipers painted…decals not sticking

    HATE when that happens. Even with the thermal-developed label makers, if surface isn’t silky smooth nothing sticks. So I label this 120V outlet (metal cover, wrinkle look) and within say 5 minutes the thing is curled up on the floor. After 4 tries, nope. It’s the porous surface/rough, guess not...

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