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    Home Loan Question - Seeking Advice and Insights

    Interest rates are not in your favor right now. Refinancing is always an option in the future. As I don't want to pry, and you may have to move, one tip I can give is to see if you can use a little trick to get out of paying PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). If possible, try to take a 2nd...
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    Any movie buffs or movie goers?

    I'm really glad to hear that. When I came to the US, all I rented (or had my dad rent) was Temple of Doom. It probably would've been cheaper to buy it, haha.
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    Cervinis Hood Fitment

    If I may make a suggestion...I saw you had mentioned hood pins. If you are good with the fitment, I would install hood pins before painting. Any "mistakes" can be fixed, and painted on top of. If the paint/body shop is doing it, then don't mind me :) PS: I have the same hood and the Drake pins...
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    Any movie buffs or movie goers?

    John Wick 4 was good. Not my fav in the series, but definitely worth the watch. I'm a big fan of Donnie Yen and Hiroyuki Sanada, so that was a plus for me. There's a couple awesome references to 70's and 80's movies, and if you've seen it, you'll know what I mean. A lot of questions get...
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    Ruger Hybrid Muzzle Brake

    Hello all, Another part up for sale, in a very popular caliber! Ruger hybrid muzzle brake, the same as on their precision rifle line. Fits 308 Win, 6.5 CM, 243 Win, and the caliber families. Threaded 5/8-24, and attached by lock ring. Much easier to clock than using shims. A 7/8 wrench is...
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    Does anyone know of any common Key off-Engine off power drains on '05-09 Mustangs?

    I had the same issue. The Shaker 1000 head unit was the 100% culprit. I replaced with an aftermarket unit, and the parasitic drain went away. I should've never waited so long...too many jump starts, dead batteries in the AM... Now, I got a nice touchscreen, and it sounds better (to me anyways...
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    Rebuilt title 2005 Ford Mustang Deluxe Convertible 4.0L v6, is it a good deal?

    Don't forget about the hassle of insuring it, and resell in the future... It may not be an issue, but something to think about.
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    Need Alternator Bracket for '06 GT

    I think its the right part, just lazy web designing. Its the part number he needs stamped on it too. Begs the question...what did he do to the one that came with the car?!? :)
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    Need Alternator Bracket for '06 GT

    I know the link says 04, but maybe...
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    Any movie buffs or movie goers?

    I didn't enjoy Halloween Ends at all. Nothing memorable in the entire film. Maybe 1 "kill", but no "daaayyymmm" moments at all. Everything just seemed off. This really did a disservice to Michael Myers, the lore, and just about everything that make the first 2 in the trilogy so good. Sorry to...
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    Intakes Systems... without a Tune

    No-tune intakes exist. I had one...and S&B, I believe. It was more to dress up the engine bay though. I think K&N makes one too, with some sort of insert to match stock air flow. I did get a JLT with tune later on, and that really woke things up. The tune isn't just for more power, shift...
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    Paxton Novi 1200 Supercharger for 2006 Mustang GT

    I have the throwback, and it came with a new fuel pump, new injectors, an IAT relocation kit, and a tune. I'm not too crazy about the tune...its ok, but it was a nice "seat-of-the-pants" difference than the stock kit. A BOV is an upgrade I heard was worth getting...not for extra power or sound...
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    Bogging/stalling when coming to a stop, irregular power.

    Mine did that when I had a dirty throttle body. Once cleaned, all was well. I've also read folks having issues with BBK...if any of the codes were throttle body/motor related.
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    Polish Angel! OH SNAP Shine!!!

    Looks fantastic! Great job on that...reminds me that I have some paint TLC to do now...
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    Dreading spark plug change..... NOVA area help

    The Lisle tool is easier to operate than you think. Its an absolute life saver. I used it and let a friend borrow it, since they do cost some money for maybe a 1 or 2 time use. Don't be reluctant to try it. I think that, although the plugs do suck, the Lisle tool makes it as close to easy as...
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    Market for used OEM parts?

    Not too long ago I needed an OEM coolant crossover. I also off-loaded some old wheels and tires to another member, because like you, I needed the room in the garage. You could have some luck in the classified section here.
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    WFT - World's Finest Trimmer

    **SOLD** - Thanks for looking! Hello all, So I ordered 2 of these, since USPS is experiencing crazy delays, I figured I would use the one I got first. The Giraud is still in the mail :( This one came, and is BRAND NEW. According to the manufacturer, it trims: .17 Rem .204 Ruger .221...
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    Best FI for touring?

    I like my Paxton/Vortech setup. Its the "self-contained" setup, so it has its own oil, and there was no tapping the pan for engine oil. It was all a bolt-on affair, and was pretty easily done with common tools. Fitment was excellent too. For a GT car, I want things to be a normal as...
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    Raxiom Fog Light 2006 GT

    Looks good! Don't forget the tuner! That was probably the one thing that made the first "real" difference in the drivability of the car. It was such a big difference, and you'll need one with the LTs, and the mid-pipe, I believe. The more experienced guys and gals here can steer you right...
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    axle back

    Are the tips clamped on? If so, I don't think the muffler is correctly oriented to match the hangers. I think that you may have to try and install the hangers and muffler, and leave the clamp to the H-pipe loose. You will probably be able to line it up, or see where you have to do some...
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    axle back

    My MBRP fit pretty well. I did have to slightly bend the hanger a bit, but they fit better than the Pypes I had before. But, stkjock is right...what "didn't fit"? The hangers, slip fit? Both are pretty easy fixes, and most need a little persuasion...
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    Torch Red to add stripes- thoughts?

    Oh, what a slippery slope, when we decide to customize our Stangs! So many choices... IMHO, white may clash, unless you do more to tie the white stripes in. Torch Red car, black grill, silver wheels, and white stripes seems like too many colors to me...that's why I think black goes with almost...
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    Front Ball Joint Replacement

    I never do the front ball joints again! I had to push the pin through before the case came out. Then the boot ripped when trying to line the pin to the knuckle. I thought I'd save a few bucks by just doing the ball joints...never again. I'll just buy the whole control arm next time. Few...
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    How do I remove and replace the ECU/ECM Connectors on a 2005 Mustang Gt

    I had this exact code...bad alternator. Our cars seem to be very "voltage-sensitive".
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    FS: Magpul stuff and Fastfire 3

    ALL SOLD. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING Hello all, Got some more stuff for sale. I hate to have stuff like this just sit around, I'd rather have someone using it, and having fun! Please note that i'm pretty firm on prices, but the price listed is it...shipping is included, and no paypal fees to...

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