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  1. JimC

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Finally had a chance to get the 2024 to the drag strip and get some passes on it. I had to run on my street tires because when I got there I discovered my drag radials from my last Mustang weren't 18", but were 17". Can't get a 17" wheel on the car because of the Brembo brakes on the Performance...
  2. JimC

    Running noise

    All 2005-2010 V6 Mustangs came with the 7.5" open diff rear end. It was common to swap to the 8.8" rear end with tlok because the 7.5" was easy to break. One of the problems that people had making the swap was the crush sleeve and pinion not being set properly. The 8.8 rear end requires the Ford...
  3. JimC

    Programming keys

    That may not work because it sounds like his current keys are not being recognized by the new computer. So there is no "active" key to start the process with.
  4. JimC

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Did a couple of things today, with temperature in the 60's I wasn't afraid that I was going to break something (or freeze my fingers!) Got the "PULL" handle installed in the trunk. No more grabbing the trunk lid to close it. And got the J&L oil catch can installed. With the strut tower brace...
  5. JimC

    60 Year Anniversary

    But -- 1965 (model title year) + 50 = 2015 (model title year)
  6. JimC

    60 Year Anniversary

    The first Mustang was always titled a 1965. In reality there is no "1964.5" Mustang, by VIN or title documents. That's why Ford changed and did the 50th anniversary edition as a 2015 to match up with the actual titling of the first Mustang.
  7. JimC

    UK and Canadian exports

    Bob and Dough McKenize explained the C vs F thing. Take the C and double it, then add 30 and you have the F. Which means to convert a 6 pack of beer to metric: 6 beers x 2 = 12 and add 30 = 42 beers! There might be something to this metric system.
  8. JimC

    UK and Canadian exports

    Canada does gas by the liter so the Imperial Gallon or Imperial Quart isn't involved over there, and measures by kilometer not mile so their cars all have KMH and not MPH. And they figure MPL and not MPG in their display. At least that is the way in the Province of Ontario that I am most...
  9. JimC

    Just wanted to say "Hey"

    Welcome. And as far as age, I started "dragging" 70 last year and stopped pushing it!
  10. JimC

    2014 Brake Upgrade But Not BIG Brakes

    They will bolt in along with the bigger disc, but will not fit the 17" wheel. You can't just replace the caliper because the disc itself is bigger as well - which moves the caliper out further and that is why you can't fit the 17" wheel on it. At least that is my recollection
  11. JimC

    Dealer showroom cars

    On my wife's 2014 Lincoln it said "special order" with my name, and same on my 2013 Mustang.
  12. JimC

    No start/stall 06 Mustang V6

    Double check the wiring to the coil. One side is in numerical order but the other isn't. People frequently mix up the wires when they replace the plugs and wires.
  13. JimC

    Intake manifold breakdown

    Everyone that I know who pulled the heads found that they could not get the timing set up without use of the timing wheel. Marking the cams didn't help.
  14. JimC

    Intake manifold breakdown

    You can't remove the heads without affecting the timing. You will need a timing wheel. And the passenger side has a timing chain on the back side as well.
  15. JimC


    I think that some people on another forum have them on their Mustangs. If not that brand then a very similar one. They seem to be happy with the product. A friend of mine removed them from his 2005 and never had any issues - even after a new engine and supercharger pushing almost 700 hp to the...
  16. JimC

    2005 4.0 v6 rough idle

    Motorcraft would be original, but not sure about the "platinum" designation. It has been too many years since I owned a 4.0
  17. JimC

    Original Parchment Cloth Seat Covers

    You could try and see if there are any from wrecks in your area. Or try one of the aftermarket providers. But they usually only produce leather seat covers.
  18. JimC

    2005 4.0 v6 rough idle

    At that mileage you are in the tail end of the recommended life span for the plugs so I would go that route first. On the 4.0 pay attention to the wiring. One side of the coil is in numerical order but the other side is not. Very easy to mix up the wires.
  19. JimC

    It simply won't start

    Check the inertial switch (in the driver side kick panel). Maybe when you jacked it up or set it down you triggered that switch.
  20. JimC

    Please help!!!! Coolant leak

    And yes, looking at those pictures of under the intake manifold, it looks like the housing split again.
  21. JimC

    Please help!!!! Coolant leak

    It isn't unusual that the thermostat housing fails multiple times as you experienced. That's why it is better to get the aluminum housing (I think it is available on Amazon) so you don't have to worry about "when will it fail again"
  22. JimC

    Please help!!!! Coolant leak

    Take a look at the thermostat housing. They are notorious for splitting at the seam on the 4.0 (not a matter of "if" only "when"), usually on the back side. Quite often it is misdiagnosed as the water pump or a hose.
  23. JimC

    Some modifications to my S650 GT

    Someone will crack the ECU I'm sure. Until then have to be happy with only 486 horsepower. I picked the car up today. GT badge is back on. A little final clean up before it goes out for the drive home. I have to wait 2 weeks before another wash so the PPF and stripe fully cure. The weather...
  24. JimC

    X-Charger Xtreme questions

    The Goodyear is what I had on my 2006 as well.
  25. JimC

    Some modifications to my S650 GT

    Yes they are. I heard that Ford will allow certain companies access (like Roush and Shelby) to do some things. My son-in-law, an engineer with Stellantis, said that the Dodge cars have been locked down since 2018 or 2019.

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