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    Some advice need for an emergency call out please

    Probably using ChatGPT to litter as many forums as possible...
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    California Smog

    I've had the Pro Cal tune installed since May of 2014 with no issues and no pinging. The tune requires a minimum of 91 octane. The tune eliminates accelerator hesitation, increases HP to 435 from 420, and lb/ft torque to 450 from 390 (documented by Ford engineers).
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    Engine heater plug

    Here you go:
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    Hood vibrations

    Interesting -- my 2009 Bullitt hood fluttered at 80 MPH and above -- like most GT's at the time. The hood on my 2014 GT/CS has never fluttered at any speed. Maybe the front splitter helps -- not sure...
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    Chunk out of tire

    Most tire manufacturers and shops would probably recommend replacement (obviously). The integrity of the sidewall is compromised, and I wouldn't suggest driving it at highway speeds. There are a lot of opinions floating around on the internet, but I did stumble onto an interesting solution --...
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    Finally Upgraded My Tune,,, But Different Dyno

    Mustang and Dynojet results have been debated for many years. One thing I don't see mentioned is density altitude correction. Density altitude calculators are readily available online -- they can be used to objectively evaluate and compare dyno numbers (if using the same dyno). Atmospheric...
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    Comments as promise on cleaning/waxing products recommendations

    Thanks for the the feedback -- I'm about to clean the carpets on my 2014 GT/CS, so I won't be considering Resolve. I have to say that your tackling this project at 85 years old is an inspiration. I'm 71 and changed the oil yesterday in 105 degree Texas heat. Crawling around on the garage...
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    Spoiler Identification

    It's probably a factory 2013/2014 GT/CS, with the signature pedestal spoiler, along with the GT/CS faux gas cap. I'll look pretty stupid if I'm wrong, since I own a 2014. Too slow replying, but yeah, a factory GT/CS.
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    Cold Air Intake

    It may have a Ford Performance ProCal tune. My 2014 GT/CS has the ProCal tune, and it came a K&N filter and sticker.
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    Trim Code

    Here's a link to a thread in another forum that contains a link to the 2012 Mustang ordering guide. According to the guide, the code 53B.
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    2011 Gt, can I disconnect speedo drive easily and still drive it?

    Reminds me of when I sold a 1981 Toyota Celica GT way back in 1984. On the way to the bank to finalize the deal the buyer offered me $50 to sign an affidavit that the car had 40,000 miles. It actually had 70,000 miles, and I politely declined. A couple of years he was convicted of tampering...
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    2014 GT - My Newest Project (As if I needed another one)!

    Yes, they are the 2011-2012 mufflers, sorry for not clarifying. They were included in the Ford Racing power pack that included the ProCal tune:
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    2014 GT - My Newest Project (As if I needed another one)!

    GT500 mufflers are an excellent option -- no raspiness, no drone -- just a deep, mellow tone on startup and on acceleration. I've had them on my 2014 GT/CS for eight years, with no other exhaust modifications. I've gotten many compliments, from a wide range of car guys.
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    No change in 1/4 mile ET after gear change

    Variable weather conditions can significantly affect 1/4 mile times. A density altitude calculator is a good tool for removing weather variables when comparing time slips:
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    2015 GT engine info confusing .

    This is the car, in Fishers, IN, just north of Indy. It apparently has an HPTuners nGAUGE installed.
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    Slow forum

    Loading very quickly at 20:43...
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    2014 GT Spare tire?

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    2014 GT Spare tire?

    My 2014 GT/CS came with a 185/55/18 spare -- 1.7" less than in diameter than the stock 245/45/19 stock tires. The owner's manual has a lengthy list of precautions about its use. I haven't had to use it, but if I did, I would nurse it to the nearest tire store...
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    What are you guys running for tires?

    I've had these tires on my 2014 GT/CS for 17,000 miles -- they're far better than the stock Pirelli PZeros! Edit: Looks like you have the summer version. I had those also, prior to the all season version that I have now. At the time I was in Atlanta -- they were great, wet and dry, in...
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    Fake side scoops

    ^1 on the seats -- the interior of the GT/CS has several upgraded features that significantly improve aesthetics. I ordered a GT/CS for the interior and front end treatment -- I really like the black billet style grill with the tri-bar pony emblem. I'm not a fan of the pedestal spoiler -- it...
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    How much would you guys pay?

    Headers are such a PITA to install -- with 35,000 miles on them, those headers' best days are long past -- if they fail, you're looking at another PITA labor job. In that event, you'll end up losing time and money...
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    Good machine shop South side of Atlanta?

    Just tagging onto my original post -- this is Brad Brand going 5.97 @242.02 at the 2011 Street Nationals in Las Vegas. I know Brad personally -- he is from Loganville, GA and is an expert engine builder.
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    Good machine shop South side of Atlanta?

    Brad Brand, maybe -- 10.5 Outlaw drag racer -- if so, he owns Atlanta Chassis Dyno:
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    2008 "tigermachine II" Bullitt Mustang build, Pics & Video on Post #518 ...

    Definitely a 'cop magnet' with those graphics!:D
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    New Forum Software

    Probably overlooking an option, but is there a way to display the most recent replies first?

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