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  1. gbstang

    Who was the Genius?

    I had the same issue but worse with my 2011...
  2. gbstang

    Keeping Rust away...undercoating?

    Yes, use a good surface coat.. POR-15 is really good, do not worry about it having isocyanates, you should be using PPE with everything anyway... POR-15 should only be used on severe rust, otherwise it will not stick to the surface, it is not UV stable so only use it on the underbody. POR-15...
  3. gbstang

    14 GT with Long tube headers Tuned?

    I would think that if you are seeing a mileage change from one octane 83, to using 91-93 octane that would indicate that a "tune" optimized for a specific octane range... Aside from what Dino has said, most performance cars are optimized from the factory to run on "pump gas" most certainly...
  4. gbstang

    Coolant Crossover (7R3E-8C369-AD)

    That part My behavior? You know where you can shove that BS.. If you truly wanted what you are asking for, you would have made a legitimate offer from the previous posts.. Instead your just fishing... Maybe it is you that should rethink your behavior...
  5. gbstang

    Coolant Crossover (7R3E-8C369-AD)

    He is wanting to buy it for only a few dollars.. LOL
  6. gbstang

    Home Loan Question - Seeking Advice and Insights

    Always----Always have a Real estate Attorney for the closing.. In South Carolina you have to have one (good thing) Variable interests rate loan--ABSOLUTE NO! Those loans are only good if the markets are stable. How they work, you get a loan for lets say 5%, they are usually tied to a government...
  7. gbstang

    6R80 Problem

    I am going with the tune as well.. Verify the year of your 6R80, then go from there with your tuner..
  8. gbstang

    Any tips for removing exhaust manifold studs?

    Like I said, it all comes down to the material used, pipe thickness in the exhaust (not the headers) Dia. and the mufflers.. Those two things determine the loudness...
  9. gbstang

    WTB 4.6 3v intake plenum cover

  10. gbstang

    WTB 4.6 3v intake plenum cover

    Intake cover? Not sure what you are asking for,,do you have a picture of what you are looking for??
  11. gbstang

    Any tips for removing exhaust manifold studs?

    As I have said, Long tubes vs short tube headers, vs stock.. Read what I have said--again to understand "Why" it is that way..
  12. gbstang

    Any tips for removing exhaust manifold studs?

    The whole argument of long tube headers being too loud compared to shorties is ignorant at best.. I have Kooks long tube stainless headers on my Marauder, people see them and think its loud until I start it up and they are shocked at how quiet it is... It is supercharged (not that it matters)...
  13. gbstang

    Godzilla Swap

    I am an FE guy, The FE's made great power and best of all a boat load of torque in the low RPMS... I have two, 428CJ and a 428PI Also have a few 429's which I prefer over the 460. I also have a few 351's... Love the early Iron even if they are heavy...
  14. gbstang

    Amateur Mechanic and Machanic Lien

    I know the limit of small claims in South Carolina is $7500.. Submitting a small claims is easy enough, you will have to go to the county clerk (the County the so called Mechanic is in) and submit all your documents for filing a person there should help you, they helped us (different matter) Pay...
  15. gbstang

    Coolant Crossover (7R3E-8C369-AD)

    $75, you cover shipping...
  16. gbstang

    Product for removing water spots.

    The only thing I know of to remove water spots is to dry it immediately, you should wash and dry in the shade.. You can't do anything about deposits in the rain but then why is your ride in the rain? I would recommend using a quality car wash and wax.. All treatments (Wax, Ceramic or Graphene)...
  17. gbstang

    Cervinis Hood Fitment

    Mine was the extractor as well, you can barely tell in the photo.. I used the heat extractors from a Shelby GT500 on that Cervinis hood on the (Blue) Shelby GT, I also used the Shelby Hood pins.. My hood was painted prior to shipping--It was shipped to me in Korea!! I installed the pins and...
  18. gbstang

    Coolant Crossover (7R3E-8C369-AD)

    Hi Fellas, I have been busy, so I get to check the forum when ever a new email comes I know.. Make me an offer on the parts.. Cheers.. I am in SC btw..
  19. gbstang

    Cervinis Hood Fitment

    Interesting, Though my 2011 Shelby had a Tru-fiber hood, my 2008 had the Cervinis hood. I had to adjust fenders slightly, hood bumpers up front as well as the latch to accommodate the hood. Any after market body part will require some tweeking, sometimes its just the hood at the hinge other...
  20. gbstang

    Just got an '08!

    Just sold my 2011, only 4500 miles on it... Glad you got a new ride...Cheers!
  21. gbstang

    How would this look on a stock hood?

    Nice, I take back my concerns.. I was surprised actually they are not as huge as I thought they would be.. They look great for a track car, not my cup of tea for a street car but would not think twice for my track car.. Nice!
  22. gbstang

    Coolant Crossover (7R3E-8C369-AD)

    Here ya go, I also have the intake complete with the plates... All were removed when the car (2008) had about 50 miles on the odometer...
  23. gbstang

    Coolant Crossover (7R3E-8C369-AD)

    I have one...
  24. gbstang

    07-10 Alternator Mounting Bracket and Coolant Crossover

    Did you find the crossover? I have one from an 08.. Could get a pic of it..
  25. gbstang

    '07 GT500 hard to shift 4th to 5th

    Not the Clutch.. I am going with the Shifter assy. probably a bad bushing since its only happening at the 5th throw... , I have the MGW--it is awesome...

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