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  1. TJL442

    F150 Ecoboost Builds

    I joined the ecoboost club last fall. Got rid of the 2016 Mustang that I didn't drive much and picked up an 18 Raptor. Love the ride that's for sure. Tim
  2. TJL442

    2018 Mustang

    The headlights are different on side and the hood is a little different. I think I'll keep mine. Tim
  3. TJL442

    Looking to relocate Paxton Coolant tank

    It is 11 5/8 wide, 6 1/2 from center of mounting bolts to back edge towards engine. The bottom of the tank is rounded just like the top. If you need anything else just let me know. Tim
  4. TJL442

    Looking to relocate Paxton Coolant tank

    The S550 does look a little smaller and more rounded from my memory of my other car. If you'd like I could take some measurements off my 16 and we could see if it may fit better. Tim
  5. TJL442

    Looking to relocate Paxton Coolant tank

    I used the factory tank on my 2010 with the Paxton but I did custom piping to make it work. I have a Canton tank I tried but that didn't fit either without custom pipes. The issue is the angle that the aluminum elbow off of the TB needs to be about half of what it is now or the tank hits it. I...
  6. TJL442

    Bap and injectors

    I've got a set of 39# injectors if your still looking.
  7. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    Well here is a booty shot with the 325 tires. Pictures don't do them justice. The tires came with the wheels, get hold of Paul from Need 4 Speed Motors as he was a great guy to deal with.
  8. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    Sorry was on vacation the last week. I've tried to get a pic but I need to get the right light for it to show. I will see what I can get for you. Tim
  9. WP 20160830 001

    WP 20160830 001

  10. TJL442

    WTB: FRPP Manifold, TB and JLT 110MM S3 intake

    I have a FRPP intake manifold, bolts, hose and clamps, 450 shipped if your interested. Tim
  11. TJL442

    WTB - 10' GT Stock Driveshaft (manual)

    I have one from my 2010 GT manual, has about 6k miles on it. Let me know if your interested, shipping may be a bit expensive. Tim
  12. TJL442

    AnotherS197GT's Coyote Swap: The Valve Dropper Special

    Awesome, can't wait to see your results. Even the coyote engine in my 2014 F150 supercrew pulls good with 34 inch tires. Good luck. Tim
  13. TJL442

    GT350 w/ Kooks LTs, e85 and AED

    That beast sounds wicked. Tim
  14. TJL442

    GT350 w/ Kooks LTs, e85 and AED

    Nice numbers, must be a fun car. I'd call it 526 HP when properly rounded. Tim
  15. TJL442

    My New 2015 Ecoboost!

    You order it yet? So how are you liking your new car? What do you think of the Ecoboost? Tim
  16. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    No issues with rubbing at all, room to spare. I need to drop it down some, just need some time to put in as parts are in my shop now. Tim
  17. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    XO Verona wheels with a custom gunmetal finish. Fronts are 19x10 +35 offset with 285/35-19 Nitto Invo, rears are 19x11 +55 offset with 325/30-19 Nitto Invo. I need to get it cleaned up and some better pics. Tim
  18. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    Finally got the new wheels so snapped a quick cell phone pic.
  19. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    I'm really loving the magnetic color, especially in the sun. I've got more compliments on this car in 2 weeks than I did my 2010. Have had people yelling across 3 lanes at a stoplight how great they thought it looked. Tim
  20. TJL442

    2016 CompO "5.sl0w" S550 Project

    That is one sweet ride you have there, nicely done. Tim
  21. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    Thanks, still waiting on the wheels and tires I ordered almost 2 months ago. Can't wait to get rid of the little things on it. Tim
  22. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    Well its not a fair comparison as I have yet to run to redline through the gears in the new one. The 2016 is deceiving as it is so much quieter and smoother than the 2010. The 2010 had the Paxton, FRPP intake manifold, Barton shifter, DSS drive shaft, 3.73 gears, suspension, and wider tires. The...
  23. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    Thanks guys. I have new wheels coming for it and should see them in about a week after ordering them about 2 months ago and will get more pics. Actually got a good deal on it and good trade in on my 2010. Tim
  24. TJL442

    New 2016 GT

    Well I traded off my 2010 GT after I pulled the Paxton and FRPP intake manifold off. Picked up this 2016 GT in Magnetic with the 401A package, navigation with a manual transmission. My 2010 was fun but stepping into this platform with the 5.0 is quite the step up for me. Drove 180 miles each way...
  25. TJL442

    Oops, I Did It Again!

    Damn that sucks. At least you can laugh about it. Tim

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