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  1. weather man

    How do I make 400whp in an 06 GT?

    Single turbo kit will get you there easy.
  2. weather man

    Whats the story behind failing cam follwers...?

    Bought directly from Jesel.
  3. weather man

    Shifting at high rpm’s

    TR-6060 out of a GT500 or Magnum XL. I went the used GT500 route.
  4. weather man

    Whats the story behind failing cam follwers...?

    When I did my 2nd built motor, I was playing around with different big lift cams on blower setup. Did a cam change after only a month and the new stock chain guides showed signs of deflecting, according to my engine builder. Ordered the MMR billet guides and ended up doing another cam swap back...
  5. weather man

    A bit of bad news for some of us ….

    EPA has said the "off road use" designation will not protect them from prosecution.
  6. weather man

    A bit of bad news for some of us ….

    It's for real, Cally does really hate modders that much.
  7. weather man

    1994 Mustang GT money pit I mean project

    Keep chugging Joe!
  8. weather man

    Different power level tunes for supercharger?

    The tuner could pull timing out of the tune and probably drop you 150-200 HP from peak. You will be on E85 at 750. Boost wouldn't change, low and mid range could be kept strong with timing pulled out progressively.
  9. weather man

    New 2014 Items to check

    Coolant, brake and rear diff fluid change wouldn't be a bad idea.
  10. weather man

    How much would ask for swapped 5.0 2012 gt into 07 gt body

    There is the cost to do the work and then their is the realistic retail value on the car. Their are at least 4 companies I know of selling coyote swaps and have been for years. There are many many swapped 3V to coyote out there. At the end of the day, you are selling to a guy who wants coyote...
  11. weather man

    How much would ask for swapped 5.0 2012 gt into 07 gt body

    Its worth at least $5,000 more than any equivalent 3V same mileage and condition. Support for Coyote engine is unlimited compared to 3V support now.
  12. weather man

    swflastang05's build thread

    Those 4 speed power by the hour 6R80 transmissions look robust.
  13. weather man

    Will there will be a run on S197 cars shortly?

    You can bet the lobbying is fast and furious right now. I don't see them getting protection.
  14. weather man

    Will there will be a run on S197 cars shortly?

    The lawyers are lined up and waiting for these driverless cars. They won't settle for the driver policy limit, they will go for the corporate deep pockets. Buy a driverless car and see what your rates will be. Companies trying to send fleets of driverless cars out will be eaten alive by a sea of...
  15. weather man

    NA Detroit Rockers w/DOB 3v Blower setup

    Good 3V blower cam with good vacuum.
  16. weather man

    Comparing 3V Blower Cams

    4.6 3V apparently does not like big lift low vacuum cams. I tried 2 stage 3 cams and was disappointed. Went back to a smaller cam and bam, hit the sweet spot.
  17. weather man

    Maximum Motorsports Roll Bar install in a 2010 GT

    The Scott Rod rear seat delete really cleans it up.
  18. weather man

    Kennebell 2.6L low boost

    OP, your photo's look like FOD. I would be amazed if Kenne Bell warrantied it. Definitely look for material post blower. You would be amazed at what can make it through a blower setup. Good luck OP.
  19. weather man

    Kaboom! Another one down

  20. weather man

    Power by the Hour 3V Coyote Swap Harness

    So cams must be locked on the Coyote. Love the 3V hatred, LOL.
  21. weather man

    A Question for other Boosted Mustangs

    This is when I was turbo. Dual DW200's and a BAP.
  22. weather man

    2008 "tigermachine II" Bullitt Mustang build, Pics & Video on Post #518 ...

    It took a considerable amount of time, but I think it is amazing that you still found a guy willing to spend 40G's on a well built 3V. I know you only cleared around 28G's, but hard to imagine a higher price. I was thinking I would be extremely lucky to get 20G's for mine and most likely less.
  23. weather man

    swflastang05's build thread

    I have that header and X on my car SWFLA, I think the pics are still up. I ran the shaft and dimpled. I had the standard BMR K member. Car is looking awesome as usual!
  24. weather man

    My goal of building most HP N/A motor

    JPC was running 14 to 1 back in the day on 3V. They actually had one of those motors for sale on here. Had aluminum rods and was so so nice.
  25. weather man

    swflastang05's build thread

    Sweet shit!

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