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  1. Badd GT

    frame straightening s197' made contact with imovable object

    hope you have full coverage :( .308 round less than a dollar
  2. Badd GT

    How many miles is to many miles to cam a car?

    I have a set of Comp 127350 cams with about 2 hours run time on them if you’re interested. They do require new valve springs
  3. Badd GT

    Does anyone sell short blocks anymore?

    Your in Florida, I’d contact Modular Head shop and see if he knows any local reputable shops that could assemble one for you
  4. Badd GT

    Some mobile home questions

    Mobile homes are treated like cars and go down in value (depreciate). If at all possible buy a small house instead
  5. Badd GT

    Please help diagnose engine noise - S/C Roush 4.6L 3V read this
  6. Badd GT

    Please help diagnose engine noise - S/C Roush 4.6L 3V

    I changed my valve springs with heads on car. Used air compressor and spark plug air fitting tool to keep valves from dropping, You need a telescoping magnet and dab of axle grease to keep valve stem locks from dropping off. I used ford valve spring compressor (borrowed from dealership) and it...
  7. Badd GT

    WTB 06 coolant crossover

    I have one today’s your lucky day. I’m in Raleigh.
  8. Badd GT

    Comp cams low dyno numbers and check engine light

    The 500’s and 400’s dynos were for all purpose identicle. The power band on the 500’s was 500 rpm to the right. Personally I liked the drive ability of the 400’s better and for street use felt the power band more useable than the 500’s
  9. Badd GT

    Comp cams low dyno numbers and check engine light

    Run file 12 is where I was with your cams
  10. Badd GT

    Exhaust leak after shorty header install

    Getting aggravated yet?
  11. Badd GT

    Any tips for removing exhaust manifold studs?

    If you’re going to go thru the aggravation of putting headers on you should probably do long tubes. Those shorties will probably not change your engine performance at all.
  12. Badd GT

    Valve spring removal

    the top one looks similar to the one I borrowed from the local Ford dealer to do mine. Its pretty easy, get a little teloscoping magnet, it makes the spring retainers easier to keep track of. yes on replacing the seals while you are in there. A little dab of grease on the valve stems or...
  13. Badd GT

    Reman 4-piston Brembos on 05-14 GT

    I was poking around on Rock Auto the other day looking at brakes for 05-09 and they had a 4 piston setup that they advertise fits over 18" wheels
  14. Badd GT

    Vintage Muscle Cars

    The owner of the Shell station I worked at in high school ‘78-‘82 had a ‘63 split window vette with the rear spring set up you describe. Had 350 LT-1 in it with factory side pipes and Shell 78 series radials all the way around 12.8 1/4 all day long. The mechanics there had a ‘67 Malibu w/ L-88...
  15. Badd GT

    Need Alternator Bracket for '06 GT

    looked thru all my stuff, no got, sorry. Thought I still had one but doesnt look like it
  16. Badd GT

    Need Alternator Bracket for '06 GT

    I’m out of town and won’t be back in Raleigh till the 1st or 2nd, but I think I have one
  17. Badd GT

    Rod & Main bearings

    Let your machine shop handle measuring and supplying the bearings. If they are knowledgeable with mod motors they will know what to do. Don’t micromanage it
  18. Badd GT

    Need coolant crossover for gt 4,6v8 2006

    I have mine from 06 GT
  19. Badd GT

    engine block ???

    So i guess the 85,000 mile complete shortblock and matching heads (original engine to my mustang) that I offered you for $800 delivered isn't looking so bad now?
  20. Badd GT

    Car running poorly/missing- part 2

    Plug, Coil or injector
  21. Badd GT

    Do you name your car

    If I had an all black car I'd probably call it "Darth"
  22. Badd GT

    Does anyone know of any common Key off-Engine off power drains on '05-09 Mustangs?

    I have to turn my radio off before I turn my car off or my battery will go dead
  23. Badd GT

    Canceling MMR piston/rod order

    I have a brand new Mahle graphite coated skirts 11:1 3v forged piston, pins, rings if your interested .020 oversized. BTW MMR sucks
  24. Badd GT

    Prothane motor mounts/cammed motor

    Run them for years,no issues. Get an MGW shifter and coupled with these motor mounts your shifting problems will be solved.

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