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    Rattle, bang noises

    Takes a mere 30 seconds to remove the trunk liner, and remove the spare + jack etc. Leave the liner and spare tire and jack , and everything else u find in the truck area, OUT of the car, and temp put it to one side. Then take it for a ride. Yes, and check with a flashlight, feel around...
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    Driveshaft balancing the Ford way?

    Are you folks taking abt that bearing, where the oem 2 piece DS joins in the middle ?
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    How do I make 400whp in an 06 GT?

    You would require 625 hp at the crank to get 500rwhp with any 5r55s. That's way beyond the safe limit for the stock block. Stock 5r55s just explode with 500 rwhp. I have yet to see any stock 5r55s that will hold 500rwhp.
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    2006 GT- How is ambient air temperature measured?

    My sensor is at right side (driver's side) on the lower grille. It clips into the lower grille. That's on my 2010 GT auto.
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    Driveshaft balancing the Ford way?

    A 6 point socket is a lot stronger.... and the only thing that should be used on any impact wrench. Oops, just see u have 12 point bolts, wtf?
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    Wet weather dead battery

    There are TWO of those damned things, one on either side of the eng, and both on the firewall. Reach down and pull em right out....then toss em.
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    differential cover upgrade

    Install a catch can on the rear axle. I used an Eaton-detroit tru-trac LSD (which uses plane jane 90W-140 dino oil), and also a whiteline watts link. The white line watts link comes with a new, super thick aluminum differential cover, like > 60mm thick. It comes with drain + fill plugs...and...
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    Forgestar F14 18x11 Vorshlag Staggered Offset Anthracite Wheels - NIB

    Whoever buys em, could easily measure the offset....then spill the beans. "trade secret 236B"...gimme a break.
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    Forgestar F14 18x11 Vorshlag Staggered Offset Anthracite Wheels - NIB

    Yes, what is the offset ? I'm assuming the rear offset is greater than the front offset.
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    California Smog

    U mean.... 'illegal aliens'.
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    UK and Canadian exports

    Celsius is far too coarse for my liking. 10 C = 50 F. 20 C = 68 F 30 C = 86 F. A 10 deg C spread = a 18 F spread. A 20 C spread = 36 F spread. Having said that, when it's > 10 C, I use the F scale. When it's < 10C, I use the C scale. When it's getting close to freezing...
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    UK and Canadian exports

    Nope, In Canada, mileage is XXX litres per 100 kms. I get abt 20 litres per 100km around town...and maybe 10-12 litres per 100 km on the hwy. If I switch from metric to imperial it's miles per gallon, and that's an imperial gallon ( = 4.54 litres). Metric came out after I left high...
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    Looking to improve handling without lowering the car

    The problem with koni yellow is.... they have hard compression. The adjustable part is ONLY the rebound. The koni orange are hard compression and rebound. What u want to end up with is..... firm, but not stiff. Stiffer / bigger front + rear sway bars will eliminate a lot of the leaning on...
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    Building inspection...why bother?

    A few inspectors are extremely good, but that is rare. We had one in Vancouver years ago...who the real estate agents all hated with a passion. They called him... "Dr death". So he got "Dr Death" custom plates on his vehicle. He found loads of problems, leaks, screwups, non standard...
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    Crank no start only when hot: fuel related?

    When the OP finally gets this sorted out, pse let us know what you found. It could help others down the road.
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    Crank no start only when hot: fuel related?

    IF using a DVM in the ohms position, on 'auto' it will default to it's highest range, which is typ 40 which point you will have at least 7.7 vdc coming down the test leads. (assuming a good 9 vdc battery installed). This is why the manually selected ohms range is typ used...
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    Crank no start only when hot: fuel related?

    This sounds like a ventilation issue. Something is amiss somewhere. Esp when only being able to fill tank to 2/3. Typ folks would flip the nozzle 180 degs ( inverted) to fill the tank up to max.
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    Crank no start only when hot: fuel related?

    That should work good. IF I turn key over one position, so dash lights up ( key on-eng OFF) and wait for the aeroforce gauge to boot up, it's 50 psi. Turn key CW, and start eng, then it's 40 psi.
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    Crank no start only when hot: fuel related?

    I have an aeroforce gauge plugged into my OBD port at all times. (The 3 x aeroforce gauges are mounted to the A pillar). I can monitor the fuel pressure at any time. Normal is 40 psi. Any hand held tuner, like my SCT-X3 or other scanner, will easily tell you exactly what your fuel pressure...
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    Building inspection...why bother?

    The....'inspection' was 100% flawed. 5cm = 50mm = a whopping 2". I would not pay the pricks a dime for the...'inspection'. If he still wants to buy it, fine, just knock a TON of money off the price. I'm assuming he already bought the home...and discovered all the defects by himself...after...
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    Slow 3v still cant hook

    How much air pressure do u have in the rear tires ? Perhaps launching at a slightly lower rpm might help.
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    Oil pump failure

    Dino, what is typ oil pressure, with eng at normal temp...and say ur right foot into it, and 3000-6000 rpm ?
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    05’ GT new battery

    You might want to try a different DVM. urs might be reading on the low side. What is the battery voltage with eng say the next morning ? I measure 12.5 vdc. And 14.75 vdc with eng on...and idling.
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    1 piece spark plug conversion (2007 GT)

    Other than Ford, who else used these 2 piece spark plugs ?? Engineering fubar of the decade.
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    Electrical Problem - Help Needed

    The 2010 alternator is the best of the bunch.

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