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Good morning. I'm looking for a 07-10 Mustang coolant crossover. Looking to upgrade my '06 Mustang GT. Do you have another available by chance? Thank you.
Sequential tail light harness? what is your bottom dollar?

priority mail, I sent the tracking updates to the email you sent from paypal.

you also never gave me your name so I addressed it to CDstang1995

thanks again

Thats fine. Sorry, I thought you got all that info from paypal. It made it today thanks again.

oh no problem, I only see my email that funds were received. I didn't check the details.

glad it made it safe and sound, enjoy and thanks for the easy transaction.

Hey there, new member as I'm just purchasing my 2012 5.0. I'd be interested in both sway bars, I'm located in Palm Beach County so not too far away. Are they still for sale?
Yes they are. I could meet you have way. I am in Miami dade county. Let me know.
Can I text you to arrange when we can make that work? Might be interested in the LCAs as well now that I look at things.
Sure I am traveling now but you can call and leave me a message 305-201-7668
I found a 2.7” 8 rib TVs 2300 pulley at VMP site for 99.00 + shipping 9ish, after looking around on eBay , and a few more sites, trying to save a few dollars. 230.00 on eBay, around 200.00 on the rest. Go to the main source first, is what I’m trying to say Never would’ve thought
I have the complete intake manifold with cmcv and throttle body and throttle body spacer and a BBK 62mm throttle body 4 sale
What year is your mustang? Also where do I find the exact parts for the conversion to the oem HID’s
2014 Mustang GT - getting a 1588 Edelbrock supercharger - looking for a Strut bar - brace that will fit with a stock Hood!
I saw your post from a few years ago about installing a BT45 Bluetooth module. Did you ever do that? I'm thinking about installing one in a 2009 GT and wondered where you mounted it. Thanks! Derrick
hey there- new to the forum (not at all new to Mustangs) and building up my sons s197. If still available I would love to pick up the Granatelli Sway Bars front and rear, the Granatelli rear lower control brace and the KB 2 point lower brace (Although please confirm, these seem redundant??). Some sort of deal for the Group of parts? Combined shipping? Thoughts?

Forgot the shipping would be to 37122 near Nashville
Hi the sway bars are very heavy.

I will get a quote but I only take zell or personal check until it clears.

Let me know.
Hi ! sorry for sudden reaching out but I posted on your post from March about your car no crank, I have the same issue as you and I'm at loss :/ did you ever figure out your issue ?
thanks in advance for your reply
I have a small parts business. If you need anything let me know. Might be able to save you some monies.
I would like to purchase a fuel pump wiring upgrade kit for my 2006 Mustang GT if you're still making them.

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