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    I think he should be able to get 9's with that set up running some race gas. I have the stock motor with forged rods and pistons, stock compression, heads are stock with a mild cam from Brenspeed. I have a 4r70w tran with a PI triple disc stall, no trans brake but I have two step, but have not used it yet, and 3.73 gears. I am running 93 octane and I add a can of the Torco race fuel accelerator at the track unless they have 104 unleaded, then I run that. I would run 112 octane but I have the stock crank also and am getting to the limit of the stock crank I think. I am running 16.5 psi boost and have run abest of 10.71 @ 126 mph, but my torque converter was not locking up, it has been fixed so I need toget back to the track soon and try it again. I think the car has 10.5's in her with this set up.

    Mike Bowen at Powerhouse411 in Girard, Pa. tuned my car and I am sure he wpould tune your nephews. He is an Edelbrock dealer also. His number is 814-774-4966, give him a call.
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