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Jun 8, 2023 at 10:22 PM
Nov 2, 2009
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Chesapeake, VA
Retired US Navy

Greg Hazlett

Stepping on the Pink Bus, Male, from Chesapeake, VA

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Jun 8, 2023 at 10:22 PM
    1. GregC
      Greg. I would be interested in a BLUE CAI air filter for my 08 bullitt. I understand you are the one to ask. I would PM you but haven’t figured out how to do that yet.
      1. Greg Hazlett
        Greg Hazlett
        Amsoil filter? If so can you get me the dimensions of the one you have so I can find the right one? Thanks!
        Nov 22, 2017
    2. Mmilrany
      If you wouldn't mind just shoot me a pm so I can get this kit bought I can't figure out how to send you one.
    3. Mmilrany
      I'd love to order one of your wiring kits for a 2012 mustang fuel pump I just need the standard one and will be using it with a bap
    4. Doug M
      Doug M
      Big salute! God bless.
    5. fastregalwe2
      I got them on but it took me 17 hrs even with a lift. The h pipe needs to be taken back loose and lined up properly. I just wanted to get it off the lift. I worked on it from 0700-2430 then had watch from 0400-0800· I think I'll take off all the exhaust from headers back and start over on the alignment. Also its not too loud so I'll skip the Roush mufflers. I will be looking for a drive shaft next month though and possibly a nitrous kit.
    6. shelbie67
      whats your pricing on a single turbo kit? also another forum member is selling a single turbo kit from his 3v...what would be needed to make this fit a 2011 5.0? i know tubing for sure (so i assume).

    7. AndrewS197
      How much for the roush side splitter kit shipped to a business address in 46322?

    8. K_Brogoitti
      Hey Greg, I was curious after an FRPP cam install is it safe to start the car without a custom tune for the cams just to make sure it all works? I currently have a from BAMA and bolt ons.
    9. jlg333
      can you get me the caps to my 08?
    10. 06Saleen E
      06Saleen E
      Hi there,
      Is it possible that you can sell me the connection fitting of a GT500 that connects to the fuel pump to transition to a braided -8AN hose. And also a fore fuel filter with the two fittings to connect it.

    11. drewmarsh53
      Hey greg. We spoke a while ago about your used kooks set. Ia that still available? If so, could i see pics of them and what are you asking. Thanks.
    12. calispecial08
      Cleaned out! My bad
    13. Greg Hazlett
      Greg Hazlett
      That would be great!
    14. 808svt
      Hey, I saw you are moving and was wondering if you need any boxes. I have 10-15 I woujld like to get rid of. Let me know. Bryan 808 203-7836
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    Chesapeake, VA
    Retired US Navy


    If common sense were truly common there would not be the need to talk about it.....
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