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  • I would like to purchase a fuel pump wiring upgrade kit for my 2006 Mustang GT if you're still making them.
    Hey Jeremy, I have seen in some threads that you may have a more in depth install guide for the on3 single turbo kit for the 3V platform. If you are able to assist and email me, my email is [email protected]

    Just purchased a kit and the provided instructions, or lack there of I should say, were a bit of a disappointment.

    Thanks in advance!
    Jeremy, I bought a fuel system from some time ago, a bad heart has had me down for a while but I would like to get fuel injectors. I would like to send you a email detailing the engine .
    Hello Jeremy, I was pointed in your direction for answers. I installed a new stock fuel pump in my 2005 GT. It won't seem to pull the last 4-5 gallons of gas out of the passenger side tank. The computer says 60 miles to empty, but it stalls out. A fillup at that point only takes 12 gallons. I'm thinking that I somehow damaged the crossover tube but I don't know. If you have any ideas let me know.
    Yeah your siphon isn't functioning properly. So either the tube got messed up inside the tank or its in adequate design on the new aftermarket fuel hat. Stick to oem style hat is my best advice.
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    Thanks. I just finished pulling it all apart again so I could check the crossover tube. Stuck my whole arm in both sides of the tank, and I couldn't feel any kinks or breaks. I even hooked up a vacuum pump to it and it holds vacuum. So I'm assuming the pump is a crap design. I'll drive it down to empty this week and see how it goes. Any thoughts on which brand to buy as a replacement?
    Hey Jeremy is it possible to get a return style fuel system from u for my 14 roush looking at making 700 whp currently I’m running 80Lb injectors a boost a pump and a 75mm pulley wanting to go e-85 I seen a few u sell wondering if you have any for sell ?
    Hey I have no idea how to send a private message. I found your email on Facebook, but didnt get a reply. I'd like to purchase one of your DIY 405 Walbro kits for a 2009 GT. My email is *deleted*
    I can't figure out how to private message, so here is my email:

    If you could send me the wire upgrade info that would be cool.
    Jeremy i got the wiring upgrade and 405 pump from you guys included in my kit from Department of Boost. How do I get the install instructions? I still Have limited access on this forum so PM's are difficult and I don't think I can reply to posts yet.

    Thanks for any info
    I just read up on your Single Turbo kit. Is the yalls shop located in VA if so I live in Richmond area. Do yall do in house tuning? I am very interested in getting your kit. specially if i can personally meet yall and see one with my own eyes.
    Jeremy, Taxman told me to message you. I put a P1 pro-charger on my 05 GT and is running out of fuel at 4500 RPM's. Need to get a different fuel pump and was wondering if you had a GT500 fuel pump for sale and if so what price.
    Hey, just wanted to give you a shout. Sent you a PM about that picture I used in a article I wrote a while back. Hit me back if you need the link again or if you want to read it. Thanks again!
    I understand from gmitch that you run a gt500 double pump on the single controller from the stock GT. The GT500 pump has a 6 pin connector do you by chance remember the part number for the pig tail/plug from ford as the GT has a four pin plug? He says you ran heavy gauge wire from the controller to the previous mentioned plug I assume you just put a Y connection in close to the controller?
    Alex aka 908ssp
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