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  • Hey, tried to send you a PM but it says your box is full. Are you in for FFB this year? We are going to do a $20 buy in this year to sweeten things up a bit and try to keep things a little more involved. Let me know.

    I was hoping you could help me. I was lucky enough to just pick up PJ #153 with 3,500 miles on it (4,600 now!) Had to trade my 04 Cobra but think I got the best of the deal. It was a Nissan dealership and the PJ was $39000, which I talked down to $35000 and got $22000 for the snake. I've just noticed the check engine light is on. Could have been on for quite awhile since it is very hard to notice in the day light. I was thinking about getting a Predator or SCT Excaliber to check it out but I'm not sure that the 07 models will work on the 302?
    Also, I've found a recall, 07V502000 (web link Have you heard of this?

    I've spent the last 27 years in the Navy and actually know more about F-18s than cars but love to hit the track whenever I can. I haven't taken 153 out yet but hear it's good for at least mid 12s. Any experiences you can share would be appreciated.


    [email protected]
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