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  • So did the 5 zigens fit okay over the BBK? The 35mm offset was proper? I was going to go with the 45mm, but 35mm will do fine? The rears do not get close to the edge og the fender do they? I want these, so any help would be great!
    thanks for the info. I do want my car to be a performer, but I tend to lean more to the aesthetics in the end.

    so.... you had to change your rear control arms to compensate for the pinion angle? (I already now about the panhard, and having to centering the rearend when lowering these cars).

    I'm still skeptical about your opinion of lowering(more than 1inch) equals crappy handling. So put it this way, if I did that 45mph corner at 70mph, with my 2.5" drop.....what do you think would happen or be different than with your 1.25" drop?? I'm being honest here, no sarcasm.
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