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    1. 2005S197
      Good Morning,
      New member here.
      I hope you don't mind me asking a question. I saw your name when it came to wiring fog lights.
      I have a 2005 V6 and I'm putting fog lights in.
      Can I use the factory lights\fogs switch from a 2008?
      I found it at the local parts yard. I wasn't sure about the pin outs on the connectors.
      1. TexasBlownV8
        Sorry, Bill, just saw your question. You can use any 05-09 GT stock light switch, or even a pony-package v6 with fog lights. In addition to the switch, you'll need to do a little more wiring to get it to work like stock, but it's not that hard to do.
        Nov 19, 2019
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      2. TexasBlownV8
        Essentially, the 'foglight-switch' function is programmed/wired into the SJB, such that the foglight control is not present between the switch and foglight relay in the BEC; so you can run a wire from the light switch to the BEC to trigger the proper relay; and then on the switched-side of the relay, there will already be +12v fed in, so you just need to run wires to the lights;
        Nov 19, 2019
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      3. TexasBlownV8
        ..adding a wire-and-pin to the BEC connector underneath is the cleanest way to do that; I have that part of a GT foglight harness if you need one.
        Feel free to reach out for more questions.
        Nov 19, 2019
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    2. Kyle.kimball
      hey my names kyle, im going to be doing a swap to my 2006 v6 mustang to a 4.6 i had a few questions if you wouldnt mind emailing me [email protected] thanks
    3. northern stang
      northern stang
      Sorry, Mike got in late last night and found out all my messages have been erased? Could you send me your email address again please.
    4. TexasBlownV8
      Lol, just saw this. Nice pic! Indeed the 'tides have turned', to the point where I can hardly race the car there anymore, just too dangerous for the power. And I sold the supercharger a couple years ago. But just picked up a turbocharged '06 4.0L; now I have 2 toys to play with.
      I'll get back out to TAD eventually, swing by and say hey.
    5. psycho bob
      psycho bob
      ah how the tides have turned in the last few years

    6. stangstud09
      hey man did you do an engine swap in your car? if you still have the supercharger how much would you sell it for (if you want 2 sell it) , im in dallas, tx. thanks, Ryan
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    Central Texas


    Mike -- 3 turbos, 2 Mustangs..do the math
    -- 2005 "Sally": Forged/cammed 302 stroker, S&H twin turbos, 4r70w, 373's, many mods (previous: KB 2.6)
    -- 2006 4.0 V6 with PH Turbo and TR6060 :rockon: