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    Coolant Crossover, Thermostat and Housing, Hoses

    Let me know if you got my message/phone number via email. I do still have it, let's work something out to help you! Be reminded though, this is the 05/06 style, not the '07+; I used it on my '09 engine.
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    Rear main seal installation tool.

    Tools are on the way; let me know how it goes! (We'll continue via text.)
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    Rear main seal installation tool.

    With the tools, you do NOT remove the rear cover plate. I do still rent them out. And you are correct, the inner seal and slinger are difficult to put in without messing them up without the tools (been there, done that, had to redo them...then I got the tools!). The set also contains removal...
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    Coolant Crossover, Thermostat and Housing, Hoses

    Troy, I think you do not have enough posts yet to send direct messages. I have it listed in Austin craigslist, which would be another way to reach out to me.
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    Trouble with steering rack

    Torque the 2 steering rack bolts to 85 ft-lbs each. Depending on the k-member, it may use a 1/2" bolt and separate self-locking nut that you have to prevent from turning when tightening to torque.
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    2008 Instrument cluster change upgrade.

    Glad to see you're making progress! As far as the original v6, same thing happened to one I picked up in a donor (which now has a GT drivetrain): all the coolant blew out the the thermostat housing broke, overheating/seizing the engine. Regarding the cluster, you already got it in. Not that...
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    Rough idle on 06 4.0

    What is your air intake setup? Using a CAI without a tune? Other mods? Normally, your issue would be caused by the spark plugs, but they don't throw lean codes on both sides at the same time. Or the fuel filter may need changing. But as mentioned, use a scanner and monitor the front O2...
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    Coolant Crossover, Thermostat and Housing, Hoses

    Send me a private message; we can work out details. Thanks.
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    Intake manifold breakdown

    If you have a bunch of yellow 'baby-shit-like' gunk in the engine and some in the intake, it is likely from inadequate PCV/crankcase ventillation, especially if engine is modified in any way and the two valve cover hoses/lines are removed or plugged. This happens in cold weather and humidity.
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    Fuse box

    THANK YOU! Always wanted to know the connections for those undocumented pins/places! :)
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    Blend door drumming

    I like to try to put a hand on them when turning the key on. Have someone turn the key on if needed. You can feel the broken gears grinding when the key is turned on :) . And yeah, they're a pita. I have another one I need to replace now. Oh, and avoid the cheapy aftermarket replacements...
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    06 needs new engine. Reman, or used?

    I agree with Dino; pull the head before determining what needs to be replaced. If the cylinder is ok, and if you're lucky and the piston is ok, then it's just a matter of head work, or worst case, replacement of the one head. Replace the front timing components at the same time. It might be...
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    3v 4.0 to 4.6

    See my writeup (link is in the how-to section as well):
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    Aluminum Driveshaft - 2011-2014 Mustang GT

    Pm sent; we'll see what we can work out logistically :). pending...
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    2005 4.0 v6 rough idle

    Even if 'platinum' (and no, those wouldn't be original), check the driver side plugs. They tend to wear the fastest and cause idle issues. Very common. Also, the throttle body can get dirty from the engine side, but that'll usaully cause the tb to stick a little.
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    Aluminum Driveshaft - 2011-2014 Mustang GT

    [Sold to Rich07 ; thank you!] Used 1-piece 3-1/2" aluminum driveshaft for Ford Mustangs. Fits 6R80 automatics (and I think with MT82) transmissions. Weighs only 18 pounds! Remove the extra heavy weight of a stock driveshaft. Selling because I am not using it; this driveshaft was included in a...
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    5.4 3V Triton Shortblock and 3V heads

    [Edit: all sold.]
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    4r70 Parts For Sale - Shaftmasters Driveshaft, B&M Hammer Shifter, Lokar Dipstick

    [Driveshaft, B&M hammer shifter, and shifter cable are sold; edited and removed] Selling these from a previous 4r70w installation that was in my 2005: - Lokar flexible dipstick, firewall-mount - $75 - s197 automatic shifter cover (for 5r55s) trim rectangle - $10 Will ship or meet up in...
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    6R80 in my 05

    Not running yet, working on a lot of other stuff on the car. But I was thinking about you and the topic of this thread; hope you're doing better!
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    best place to add water temp sending unit for aftermarket gauge?

    I have a 05/06 crossove I drilled/tapped, and used for quite a few years; removed and listed in parts for sale on here, but here's what it looks like: one hole used for temp sensor (1/8" npt), another with 1/4" npt.
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    O2 sensor plug color

    Uh, that's going to cause you all kinds of issues if you do that! The green ones are upstream, go up front ahead of the cats. The blue ones are downstream, in or after the cats. It makes a difference which connectors you plug into which side, too; most important is to get the green ones plugged...
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    6R80 in my 05

    Update from above post: transmission is in ok; converter space was close to/at 1/8". Bolted up very easily, no binding on converter. Now to finish it up and get on the road with it!
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    6R80 in my 05

    Question and a 6R80 Converter Hub alignment with bell housing. I'm converting my 4R70W setup in an '05 Mustang to a 6R80. On the 4R, the converter goes onto/into the trans with 3 distinct steps, and on mine, the face of the converter hub was about 1/16" incide the bellhousing (taking a straight...
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    Billy, I sent you a text message about a 6r80 question; I'll post up in the loooong thread where...

    Billy, I sent you a text message about a 6r80 question; I'll post up in the loooong thread where all that is discussed, too.

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