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  1. Greg D

    Texas Performance Shops

    You mentioned central Texas but not what type of work you want done. Check out: * Esses Racing, * John Long, and * HD Motorsport,
  2. Greg D

    How would this look on a stock hood?

    The rule of thumb for heat extractors is to get the louvers located near the hot air exiting the radiator. An efficient heat extractor will help engine cooling and keep underhood temps down, which helps other things.
  3. Greg D

    Ford 8.8" Oil Fill Volume

    Dino has given you a great resource for total volumes. If you're checking current fill volume, here's the method: 1) Open the fill port; 2) kink your index finger into an "L" at the knuckle; 3) Fill a small amount at a time until your fingertip just dips into the oil. The 8.8 is not like the...
  4. Greg D

    S650 REVEAL

    Dino, did you see the '65 GT350 on the BaT auction site yesterday? $367K bid and it didn't meet the reserve! Hmmm, I wonder what my '66 is worth.
  5. Greg D

    S650 REVEAL

    Is that Dark Horse logo confirmed for production? Ford's marketing is screwed up... They put the Mustang running horse logo on an SUV, then they change the sports car to a different horsehead/horseshoe logo! It DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!
  6. Greg D

    Vorshlag 2015 Mustang GT Road Race Build #TRIGGER

    I guess my brand loyalty shows. I've gotten so tired of good Ford sheet metal with Chevy motors, mostly in older cars. I've heard all the rationale before but I hate to see the newer models go that way. But you're right - it's his car and he can do with it what he wants.
  7. Greg D

    Vorshlag 2015 Mustang GT Road Race Build #TRIGGER

    Is there anything in the TT2 class rules that prevented you from going with a stroked/bored 351W? If you're looking for extreme power, you could have gotten there.
  8. Greg D

    Anbody here live in Harrisburg PA that could check out a Mustang for me.

    Spence 340 - Good point about the VIN. Always get the VIN ahead of time and a letter stating the photos are dated and they're taken of the car with that VIN. There are people that will represent the car they're selling with pictures of a different car, or of the same car when it was newer.
  9. Greg D

    Best forged wheels

    David3388 - I just got this from Apex Race Products: Save up to 20% off in-stock wheels
  10. Greg D

    Best forged wheels

    Unless you're road racing the car, don't go with forged wheels. You can go a cast wheel, which is cheapest or go with a flow-formed wheel, which is middle-of-the-road for strength and less than half the price of forged. I'm now running flow-formed Apex EC-7s on my track car. Also, take a look at...
  11. Greg D

    The Electric Mustang

    Watch how FAST this fire spreads from electric vehicle to electric vehicle: You can imagine how fast your house can catch fire.
  12. Greg D

    Anyone know what kind of hardware this is called?

    OK. You'll need to buy the tool to go with it. These will work in aluminum and steel. However, if the material is plastic or fiberglass, then I like Midlife Crises suggestion. Go to the hardware store and buy some T-nuts, the smooth type without the prongs. You can bond them in place with JB-Weld.
  13. Greg D

    Anyone know what kind of hardware this is called?

    When they're embedded in the material at the factory, they're PEM fasteners. You won't be able to duplicate that exactly but you can come close by using Nutserts or RivNuts. Where in Texas are you? I have the parts and the tools to install them in New Braunfels.
  14. Greg D

    The Electric Mustang

    A great read - copied from online postings: What is a battery? I think Tesla said it best when he called it an Energy Storage System. That's important. Rechargeable batteries do not make electricity – they store electricity produced elsewhere, primarily by coal, uranium, natural gas-powered...
  15. Greg D

    The Electric Mustang

    Not a fan. Mixed marketing messages/brands. Sports car vs. SUV-crossover.
  16. Greg D

    I'd like to see pictures of your FR500C. I own an '08 FR500S with a Gen 2 Coyote Aluminator.

    I'd like to see pictures of your FR500C. I own an '08 FR500S with a Gen 2 Coyote Aluminator.
  17. Greg D

    Hood Painting Cost

    March would be fine. You have my phone no. Let me know. Thanks!
  18. Greg D

    Hood Painting Cost

    Scramblr, would you be interested in selling your hood to me? I'd have the option of experimenting with louvers if I had an extra hood.
  19. Greg D

    Do you still have the hood with the louvers and are you interested in selling it?

    Do you still have the hood with the louvers and are you interested in selling it?
  20. Greg D

    Hood Painting Cost

    Juice - your car looks GREAT! Have you been able to confirm that the heat extractors actually do the job? I like that hood but the racers with louvers are saying to install the louvers as far back/centered as possible. Scramblr - call me when we can get together: 830-MAX-FORD. I live just off...
  21. Greg D

    Hood Painting Cost

    Scramblr - I've been considering a Cervini's Shelby hood in order to get the heat extractor feature for my FR500S. I live just up the road from you in New Braunfels. If you DO get the Cervini's hood, I'd sure like to see it before you do any more prep work to it, especially if you get the...
  22. Greg D

    New Guy from Texas

    MajBob - I'm in New Braunfels. Where are you in Texas?
  23. Greg D

    WGI 2021

    How fun! Which track were you at. I'm not familiar with the David Murray group.
  24. Greg D

    How much would ask for swapped 5.0 2012 gt into 07 gt body

    I'm surprised by some of the responses to this inquiry. I can't vouch for the value with the Coyote swap included but I CAN tell you there's a huge drivability advantage. LOTS of reliable, naturally-aspirated horsepower.
  25. Greg D

    Lookin for 19's, need help deciding (PIC HEAVY)

    The 18x10 Shelby wheels that came with my car are 28 lbs. each. I run a second set of tires on Team Dynamics wheels which are only 22 lbs. each.

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