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    3 Valve 4.6 Lifter noise on Cylinder 4. 2005 GT..

    I thought I had some valvetrain or lifter noise last year, but it turned to be an exhaust header gasket leak. Granted I was using the header gaskets that came with the Kooks headers which I put on years ago. i didn't realize at the time the factory ones were best. So I replaced them with factory...
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    speaker/amp upgrade time

    That's a good explanation. I kind of wondered how much I need to worry about clearance for other things like the window track. Thanks!
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    speaker/amp upgrade time

    @pass1over Can, you share a little more on how you remolded the sub pockets? I had to use a much thicker spacer on mine, but if it's not too hard to reshape or redo the backs so I can use a thinner spacer on the front I would prefer that. Thanks!
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    speaker/amp upgrade time

    I installed a set of Kicker subs in my doors last year and had to use a spacer as well for them to fit. I'm also not a fan of the kicker grills, so have just left them uncovered. But to hide the spacer/clean that look up, I got some black elastic fabric from Joann Fabrics. They have it in...
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    Interesting Noise at Idle

    It could be an exhaust leak. I had a similar noise last year and at first thought for sure it was a lifter or the valve train or an extra noisy fuel injector. I think I was only hearing it at lower rpms as well. Turns out it was an exhaust leaks at the manifold. I was running headers with...
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    Question about crank position for Cam install

    It looks like your notch is in the right place to me. You need to rotate the crank some more. In the picture it looks like you have the spoke closest to the notch at about the 9/10 o'clock position. Once your rotate it so that spoke is at the 12'oclock position, the notch will then be at the 1...
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    Speaker Only Upgrades

    The door speakers are 6x8's. Pretty sure the rear deck speakers are the same. However 5x7's will fit as well. I think 6x8 and 5x7 are basically interchangeable. I first replaced all my speakers with a set of Pioneers. This was over 10 years ago so I forget the specific model. I think they're...
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    Anyone have dyno before and after FRPP Hot Rod Cams and tune?

    I added Hot Rod Cams after already having a CAI and Long tubes. I did a baseline dyno, then a dyno with just the cams and a tune for them. I picked up 27hp.
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    Rear anti roll bar

    It may be a Hellwig bar. That's what I have on mine at it looks about the same. I needed to replace my bushings last year. It had been on the car for over 13 years. I couldn't find replacement bushings on Hellwig's website so I called them and they sent me bushings and brand new fasteners at no...
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    Could be combination of error in the scale, and the surface not being as level as it should be. I also wonder if the engine is offset to the drivers side? Seems like last I remember there seemed to be less room to access the headers on that side. But maybe I'm getting that confused with the...
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    Keep the Dual or install the Shaker 500?

    I agree with Bullitt 4641. I would try a brand other than Dual. Years ago, I first upgraded my speakers and noticed an improvement, but not as much as I expected. I later installed a Kenwood and haven't looked back. I was amazed in how much of a difference the Kenwood made.
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    Amp Location for 2006 Convertible

    I don't have a convertible, but recently installed an amp in mine and did the same thing as the person in this link. I would think this space would work for a convertible as well.
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    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Thanks! Nice work!
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    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Can you post some pics of the amp when you're done? I'm planning an amp install soon and want to get some ideas for mounting it. Thanks!
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    06 Gt Hot Rod cam install

    Did the factory gears make any noise or show any significant wear? If the factory gears were okay I would have a hard time believing there's an issue with the housing so it could be a bad set of gears. I see you got Ford Racing gears. Those are usually good quality though. It's not out of the...
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    07 GT not making power?

    That's actually probably about right with your mods and a DA that high. When I was N/A I had similar mods consisting of a tune, CAI, L/T headers, UDP's, 4:10 gears, M/T drag radials and front runners. The best I ran was 12.4 at 110mph with a D/A that was probably around 0. I think my 60 ft was...
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    SCT X3 Tune Issue

    Juice, I did check for updates, but it said it had the most current update on it.
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    SCT X3 Tune Issue

    Had an interesting problem this afternoon. Car is a 2006 GT with a Roush 2300 VMP kit, headers and cams and I'm running a VMP tune. I thought I heard some pinging when I got on it in 3rd gear earlier. It was hard to tell if it was just exhaust/shifter rattle noise, but thinking maybe I got some...
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    My own P0340/0344/0345/0349 thread

    You could swap cam position sensors just to rule out the possibility you got a bad sensor.
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    Question about Rear Gear DECEL whine

    You may definitely want to take it back to the shop that did the install and see if they will fix it. The thing with whine is that it normally doesn't get any better and will probably get worse over time.
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    Uneven rear brake pad wear

    I just discovered an issue with some uneven rear brake pad wear. I noticed my rear driver side outside pad was worn significantly more than the others. The pads were Hawk HPS with 44,000 miles on them. The driver's side outside pad measured 3.5-4mm and all other rear pads measured between 7-8mm...
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    Question about Rear Gear DECEL whine

    I would think a slight rear end whine on decel could go away with clutch disengagement. When you are coasting the engine braking is causing the gears to be loaded against the coast side of the ring and pinion but by pushing the clutch in you would lose most of that force. If it was a...
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    Knocking from the rear... completely lost.

    Did you check the muffler hangar mounting bolts? I had a slight knocking and one of the hangar bolts that screws into the frame rails had come a little lose which allowed the hangar bracket to rattle/knock against the frame rail.
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    Location of Evaporator Drain Tube on '05 GT

    Your tube may just have a blockage. It's not uncommon, especially on an older car or one that you haven't used the ac in awhile. Bugs or spiders could have tried to nest in it. You should be able to run a coat hangar up it to make sure it's clear.
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    Dropping the Trans

    I've done it without a lift using jackstands and a transmission jack from harbor freight. Not ideal, but I didn't think it was too bad. Another tip, once you remove the transmission crossmember, you can use a jack on the rear of the trans to tilt the motor/transmission assembly forward which...

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