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    Issue with passenger airbag recall installation

    The dealer couldn’t figure it out so they are ordering a new panel... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Issue with passenger airbag recall installation

    Back to dealer tomorrow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Issue with passenger airbag recall installation

    I took my 2011 GT in for the passenger airbag recall. Before the new airbag, the aluminum covers were nice and flush on my dashboard. Now, on the right side, the lower portion of the cover is no longer flush with the dash. I've tried pushing it in and have removed the glovebox and looked up...
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    Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration: Charlotte, NC

    Friday through Sunday for me. Wife isn't happy because it is Easter Sunday.
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    2010 GT 500 SVT wheels 18x9.5

    I have 255 all around on my 2010 GT500 wheels. Untitled
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    Peer pressure is a mother....

    Very nice. The wheels from your white car would look good on that.
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    Boss 338 wheels vs FR500s

    Love the 338s
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    helmet renewal time

    Just picked up a Bell Sport from 10% discount for SCCA members
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    New Front End=New Pics

    Looks great. Like the CS wheels with it too. How wide are those wheels?
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    Detroit Auto Show 2012

    I like the louvers on the hood, but would hate to clean and wax them!
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    Finally new Wheels for the Ingot 5.0

    Those look great. Color really compliments the silver. What brakes are those? Painted Brembos?
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    Self healing clear coat

    63 vette in the background!
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    Ever (Wonder) why the "tigermachine" still looks new with {36,267.7 miles} on it ???

    Drool. That's a gorgeous car. DeceptionGT/CS, I was wondering about the wheels-tires too. Looks like 255/40-19 to me in one of the photos. I may have to pick up a set of those wheels. Too many to choose from!
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    Caught a 2013 being unloaded at a auto show!

    I like my 11 better, but it is nice.
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    Merry Christmas to me! My new engine block table...

    That's awesome. I've always wanted one.
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    For all you vert guys.

    I ended up getting 303 fabric protector after a bit of reading. It was between that and the Ragg top protector.
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    July 2011 Car of the Month: QueenbeeGT

    Gorgeous car!

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