Issue with passenger airbag recall installation

Discussion in '2011+ Mustang GT 5.0L Tech' started by safetyfast, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. safetyfast

    safetyfast Junior Member

    I took my 2011 GT in for the passenger airbag recall. Before the new airbag, the aluminum covers were nice and flush on my dashboard. Now, on the right side, the lower portion of the cover is no longer flush with the dash. I've tried pushing it in and have removed the glovebox and looked up at the inside and see no obvious issues. Is there an adjustment for this or do I have to make another appointment with the dealer? Hate going to the dealer as it seems their mechanics are always borderline incompetent.
  2. 08MustangDude

    08MustangDude Resident Fuktard

    Been reading a lot of that. They did mine, and it's fine. They're only supposed
    to be replacing the inflator, so I don't know how the panels are not going back
    on flush and even. IT should go back on the way it came off...
  3. 2011/5.0

    2011/5.0 Senior Member

    Was told the same,all they do is remove the glovebox to replace ,nothing else needed to be removed.

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  4. 08MustangDude

    08MustangDude Resident Fuktard

    Mine was done within 25 minutes after they took it inside... They didn't
    touch the panel. I think the people that take the panel off just don't know
    what they're doing. They assume you have to do it that way, when the
    doorway below it is the key...
  5. nfrizell

    nfrizell Member

    I have had mine out. I watched a video on how to disarm the system, pushed in the sides of the box to drop it down out of the way, then removed the two screws holding the airbag assembly and unplugged the unit. I dont think it would be possible to R&R the inflator without removing the entire airbag assembly including the cover.

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  6. travelers

    travelers Senior Member

    I had no problems with mine except there dirty hand prints, which I cleaned.
  7. Iceman62

    Iceman62 Bullitt 6005

    At least they didn't f--k up the dash (plastic) under the plate. Mine was chipped while they tried to pry the plate off, for some reason. Sent in the rookie to work on a customer's Bullitt, I guess. >.<
  8. 1950StangJump$

    1950StangJump$ forum member

    I can't say for sure the 10+ models are the same. But, for the 05-09, they indeed remove those panels.

    They drop the glovebox to get to the two screws, then unplug the airbag. Then there are clips that get pushed in a little, and that releases the panels out with the airbag attached to it.

    The replace the bag on the panels and then snap it back in. Then they plug it in and replace the two screws.

    OP, I recommend pulling the airbag fuse, unplugging the airbag, removing those two screws, and then pop out the panels and airbag together. Then, see if the panels will pop back in better. Would probably be faster than setting up another appt with the dealership . . .
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  9. Shrek427R

    Shrek427R Junior Member

    I have received a couple recall flyers in the mail recently for my 07. I think I just might ignore them. Anyway, I remember taking it in a couple years ago for this issue.
  10. stkjock

    stkjock ---- Madmin ---- Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator S197 Team Member

    that was likely for the driver side
  11. Iceman62

    Iceman62 Bullitt 6005

    If you ignore, be ready to receive weekly reminders in the mail and dozens of calls/emails from Ford. I got tired of them killing trees and bit the bullet, but then the dealer bit my Bullitt w/dash damage...dammit!

    My advice is to take pics before & after...proof if something happens during the recall fix.
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  12. 01yellerCobra

    01yellerCobra forum member

    They had a recall of the recall for the driver side too.
  13. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    The Panel gets removed from the underside and the inflator gets replaced. Panel gets re-installed. Simple fix. If it is not installed properly, ask the dealer to fix.
  14. Aerofinz

    Aerofinz Member

    I was fortunate enough to be in an area with mobile service, they came to my house. The Tech was very experienced and friendly, offering to have me actually sit in the opposite seat he was as he explained and replaced a total of 4 bags (2 seperate cars). It's sure not rocket science to a Tech that cares. I too have upgraded Bullitt panels in one car and was concerned with potential damage. I cringed at the idea of leaving at a dealer and jumped on the chance to have it done remotely.
  15. safetyfast

    safetyfast Junior Member

    Back to dealer tomorrow

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  16. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    I have a local guy that works with us also who is Certified by Ford. He brings me the info, we supply parts and he does the work. We get paid. Everyone wins.
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  17. kazman59

    kazman59 King of Kazmania

    I swapped to a Bullitt dash myself, including the airbag panels before I took it in for the recall c/o. Took me a little over an hour, but then I did some clean up while I was under there also. Only way to screw it up it to not care or be incompetent. It ain't rocket science...

    At the dealer, from the time I rolled in to the time I rolled out, was less than 45 min I believe. You couldn't tell anything had been done, other than the paper floor mat.
  18. rathair

    rathair Junior Member

    The tech (probably an apprentice) who did your recall may have installed your panel with a mounting clip tab bent, which didn’t go into the hole it clips into. I’ve seen this before, it’s usually because it was installed at an awkward angle.
  19. safetyfast

    safetyfast Junior Member

    The dealer couldn’t figure it out so they are ordering a new panel...

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  20. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    That is sad. Simple panel with a few clips.
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