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  • Ur OLD post. RIGHT 05 GT 4.6 TR3650 shifter shaft seal Part ## PLEASE?? Bought the wrong seal ..found out after the old seal was yanked and pulled out of place...force the old seal back in....Can you help please....Thanks
    YOU Previously wrote......
    What a pain in the a$$ that was!! I ended up removing the trans cross member and dropping the transmission.........
    There are two seals there, a tail shaft seal and a shift shaft seal. One is 4R3Z7052AA. I can't find the other number, as it's been 5 years. What part number is the seal you have?
    Tom Papp
    Trying this next...Est. delivery Wed, Jul 19 - Thu, Jul 20
    Returns accepted through Aug 19.
    Fits 2000-2010 Ford Mustang Manual Transmission Shift Shaft Seal Timken 206PC88
    US $22.85
    Sold by:dtautoparts0020user ID, click for member’s profile
    I am highly interested in the supercharger kit. I have limited functions on this site as of now, being a new member, so communicating is hard. Don't really know how to go about this. Get back to me, anytime. Thanks.
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