Vorshlag 2015 Mustang GT Road Race Build #TRIGGER


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Nov 12, 2010
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Dallas, TX
Well it has been a crazy Spring in 2023... we have made big strides in this project but it has not been easy. We got the car running / tuned in late June - with a completely new engine - but we have done 5 events in the last 15 days.


Our first event (above) was on some 4yo 315mm R7s and it was glorious.We fought some issues for 2 weekends in a row at Eagles Canyon but made some strides...


Last week I took it out with a new front end (GT500 nose & fenders from Anderson Composites) with a wider 18x12" wheel and 315mm Yokohama 200TW tires. It was a hot mess (throttle mapping is junk) but it is already 2 sec faster than my red 2018 GT ever was on this same track with these tires, and it is almost as quick as our S197 was here on 335/345mm Hoosier A7s.

Having 200 horsepower more ...doesn't suck.

More soon!

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