Vorshlag 2015 Mustang GT Road Race Build #TRIGGER

Discussion in 'Corner Carver Racing Tech Discussion' started by Vorshlag-Fair, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. RavenGT

    RavenGT Member

    That is A LOT of spam...
  2. tjm73

    tjm73 of Omicron Persei 8 S197 Team Member

    How do you figure it's spam? He's been a member or a long time with top notch tech posts.
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  3. stkjock

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    and a supporting vendor
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  4. jewc75

    jewc75 forum member

    Terry, i love it!!!!
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  5. Sky Render

    Sky Render Stig's Retarded Cousin S197 Team Member

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
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  6. Norm Peterson

    Norm Peterson corner barstool sitter

    So maybe you shouldn't read other peoples' build threads . . .

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  7. Vorshlag-Fair

    Vorshlag-Fair Official Site Vendor Official Vendor

    Really? Did you read that post?


    Most of the things I pictured, weighed, and showed in that series of posts are things we don't even sell. Clutches, water pumps, door lightening tricks, radiator mounting, upper tire bar, drivetrain weights, intake manifolds, front end conversions...

    What do I get financially from talking about these issues - I mean to be "SPAM" would imply that of the 60K characters I wrote in that last update they would all generate some sort of sales for us. PLEASE TELL ME, so I can "cash in" on my tech tips.


    Literally 90% of that massive post - which I spent 25+ hours photographing, writing, and editing - had to do with step by step tips that show how to help save time, money, and hassles. For products we do not and will not ever sell. This section above about saving money on commonly damaged headlights. Or the RockAuto trick for saving money on the radiator support piece - which is very often broken on wrecked S550s.

    What do I get from this "SPAM"? I'd love to know. My wife, who hounds me for working late writing up these build thread updates after the employees have gone or on the weekends, would love to see that "forum build thread" money. ;)


    In the very first part of that post I openly showed this screenshot which linked to the LS550 swap items we are hoping to sell from this build. From that entire post, those 7 pieces are what we are trying to sell, and I don't hide that fact. I am running a business and have to sell things to keep the doors open, to keep my employees paid, to have a reason to do all of this.

    Hopefully my "tech vs spam" ratio is better than other people here. Please, point to any active sponsoring vendor here that is sharing more pictures, tech tips, and buying tips. That has build detailed threads and a history of sharing this type of thing going back 30+ years, all the way back to "pre-forum" days of email lists, where I did the same thing.

    Just give me one example, because I'd love to meet them and share stories of haters and hacks who nit pick anything they write, too. :)

  8. stkjock

    stkjock ---- Madmin ---- Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator S197 Team Member

    thread cleaned up - lets stick to the tech - everyone.
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  9. AHaze

    AHaze Junior Member

    Honest question: Is there a good reason for someone starting from scratch to build an LS powered S550 track car rather than starting with a 5th gen Camaro SS? I mean strictly from the perspective of wanting to be competitive, not just because 5th gen Camaros are kinda goofy looking.
    I have to think starting with an LS powered car would reduce the complexity and cost of the project significantly and I can't see where the S550 chassis offers any major advantages over the Chevy.
    I've never turned a lap on a road course so I'm not trying to flex my racing knowledge here. I'm genuinely interested in your thoughts on this.
  10. tjm73

    tjm73 of Omicron Persei 8 S197 Team Member

    Interesting question. I'm replying so I can remember to see the answer.
  11. frank s

    frank s at Play

    I believe that at a certain level of building a racing car of any sort, the original chassis is of as little importance as what color the car will be. It gets stripped down to below bare bones and reassembled with whatever components are most familiar and accessible to the builder. Just a matter of preference by then, and to begin with, actually.
  12. modernbeat

    modernbeat Jason McDaniel @ Vorshlag Official Vendor

    Well, that's a yes and no.

    The Mustang has a number of things going for it, and the Camaro has some things going for it.
    My #1 beef with the Camaro (5th or 6th gen) is the poor ABS, and the #1 benefit of the Mustang is it's excellent ABS programming for track use.
    Beyond that, I like the Mustang suspension more than the Camaro. I really like the Mustang Super 8.8 differential. And I like that the Mustang is still stamped steel and doesn't have cast strut towers. I also like the EPAS (electronic power steering) that comes in these Mustangs. What I don't like is the MT82 transmission (it got better for 2018, but it's still no Tremec) and the limits the Coyote engine has for track use.

    For a not-quite-full-effort build, starting with the Mustang makes sense.

    For a low-effort build, you can deal with the Camaro ABS (it's at least better than C6 Corvette ABS), the engine has great potential, and you get a decent Tremec, though it isn't a direct shift like the aftermarket Tremecs.

    For a true full-effort build, that would be a tubeframe car, or a tubeframe with a floorpan and partial firewall grafted in for rules reasons. But the labor to build that car is just too much, and the additional gains beyond what we should get with this Mustang are just too small for us to pursue.

    Terry and I talked a lot about it and decided that for what we wanted, which was a very high powered car building on our previous development, the swap makes sense. This first iteration will have a mid powered engine that makes similar power to the original Coyote, but has some weight taken out. So the first round of results should show off what happens when you lighten the car. The next round of results will show off the rest of our development.
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  13. Sky Render

    Sky Render Stig's Retarded Cousin S197 Team Member

    I think one of the points of this build is if you have an S-550 that's already prepped, blow up a motor, and can't afford a built Coyote, you could maybe put a cheap LS in instead.
  14. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    Jason, are you saying the LS engine is lighter than the coyote ? Where is this weight reduction coming from ?
  15. MrBhp

    MrBhp Member

    Post 17 goes into some detail on the subject.
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