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As written by one of the founding board admins:

Here is my take on the "unwritten" board rules.

As a member of this board, we ask very little of you guys. But what we do ask is:

1. DON'T F U C K UP THE TECH THREADS. Yes, there are going to be some dumb ass threads that deserve comments. Noobs, just get used to it. You guys know what we mean.
2. Same goes for the classified threads. If someone is selling something, let them sell it. They don't need you to tell them that you found it cheaper from Leeroy on ebay, or to argue with them about a car they are posting for someone else. Let them sell their damn parts in peace. If you don't like it, don't bother to read it.
3. Respect the board staff. Sure, you can go back and forth. You can take jabs. But don't start dog cussing one like you caught him trying to fuck your chickens or something.
4. USE THE FUCKING SEARCH BUTTON Ok... look. We get it. You got a new (or at least new to you) Mustang and you are all excited about wanting to know what to do with it. Trust me, we know. But I can guarantee you that 99.9% of the stuff you want to ask has been covered at least once. This board was formed by a group of "seasoned" S197 owners, previous Mustang owners, track junkies, gear heads, and overall good group of people. It's been discussed... If you ask something that has been asked countless times before, you are going to get told to use the search button. Expect it. You try to help yourself, we will all be glad to help you. You expect someone to do something for you... you will be disappointed.
5. If you don't like someone, put them in your ignore list. You won't have to see their posts that way. Bitching to me because someone made your ass hurt in a post isn't going to get you anywhere.
6. Don't use the reputation system as your personal playground. If someone pisses you off, air it out. Don't follow them around and post negative rep to every post they make. Negative rep has a purpose. It is for bad information, for asshats that don't have a clue, etc. It's not because your feelings are hurt.
7. USE OUR SUPPORTING VENDORS WHEN YOU CAN. If you want to try to work a deal on a group purchase ask our supporting vendors if they might be able to work something. If you are looking for a part, drop in to the vendor area and make a post. It is completely disrespectful to the vendors that support this board for someone to throw up a group buy on something from someone outside of the board.
8. And while I am on the subject of supporting vendors... Don't have (basically) the business card of other vendors as your signature file. We will ask you to remove it.

Pretty much anything else outside of blatant harassment, slander, or terroristic threads is fair game. As long as it is within reason.

As a member of the board staff (and I am only speaking for me ) this is what you can expect from me.

1. To delete your posts if you are fucking up a tech thread. If you continue to do it, you will get an infraction. Keep doing it, you will get pinked. If you don't know what getting pinked means, that means you are added to the resident Fuktard user group and can only post in select forums and only post once per 24 hour period.
2. Same goes for the classified section. You trash up a classified post, I will delete your post.
3. You want to call me an asshole, fine. You post a stupid question and I tell you to use the search button it has been covered before and you call me an asshole, you will be pinked. I see you abusing other board staff, I will pink you.
4. Expect me to tell you to use the search button. I don't give a damn what your justification is. You cannot convince me that it takes longer to type in a keyword or phrase and hit search than it does to post the same old shit and wade through all the "use the search button" replies.
5. Expect me to make some kind of smartass comment in every thread title that contains words such as "What color stripe", or "Which springs" or "Which CAI is best" or "Lets see a picture of your <insert color here> car". I mean really.... do we look like we are a forum board for those questions? Take those back to here.
6. I'm not going to close threads (within reason). You want to fight with each other in the Pitstop, have at it. You want to take a thread so far off topic that no one remembers what the hell it was about even when they re-read it, that's your business (as long as it is in the appropriate area). I'm not going to pull up old threads and close them because I have deemed them no longer relevant.
7. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

Last thing I have to say is don't think (not even for a second) that we owe you anything. We appreciate each and every one of you being here. We hope that by you being here you understand the atmosphere here and appreciate what the board has to offer. And every once in a great while, maybe financially support the board to show your appreciation. But regardless of if you support the board or not, we DON'T owe you anything and it ISN'T your right to expect that we do.
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