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  1. ShelbySteve

    S550 style tail light needed for S197 Bullitt

    Someone emailed them not to long ago on one of the mustang fb pages and got the info as the link you can google doesn’t work.
  2. ShelbySteve

    S550- 6 piston Brembos on 05-14 GT Guide (affordable)

    At least it clears the front…I thought 19’s would clear the 6 pots on the outside of the caliper. Here’s mine with 20’s although I had to use a 3mm spacer (2mm of clearance).
  3. ShelbySteve

    WTB TR-3650 Blowfish Bracket

    Your best bet is join a few of the large fb mustang groups as I see them come up for sale every great once in a while.
  4. ShelbySteve

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Installed brembo 6 pots up front. Already did the 14” gt500 rear setup.
  5. ShelbySteve

    Blowfish racing bracket

    I’m on several s197 Facebook pages and they come up every great once in a while. I found mine on there about 3 months ago, but I bet I was 3 minutes too late on about 5 of them.
  6. ShelbySteve

    05 - 09 Door Panels

    I went with coverlay and my passenger side for perfect. Driver side was a pita to install to make it look “good”. No one has noticed where it doesn’t sit perfect in the front piece where the switches mount. Still worth the money and better than my peeling factory inserts that had already been...
  7. ShelbySteve

    1.5 inch Drop on 285s

    20x9.5 front and 20x11 rear with 285/35 rear and lowered 1.5” on frpp with no issues
  8. ShelbySteve

    Wider 07 OEM Wheels?

    I’m on 20x11 +50mm rear and I sit great, but only running 285’s. Didn’t want to go too wide and it poke. I’ll be going 295 or 305 next.
  9. ShelbySteve

    Wider 07 OEM Wheels?

    I have the same width in 20’s and I think I paid around $800 for some nitto’s with mounting and balancing at discount tire. I’m sure there are plenty of cheaper options
  10. ShelbySteve

    Tire Clearance Advise

    Damn right we have. I think I’ve pulled mine out of the garage twice in the last 3 weeks
  11. ShelbySteve

    Blowfish racing bracket

    ISO blowfish racing bracket for 05-09 tr3650. TIA edit** got one on the way
  12. ShelbySteve

    SHR Flush Mount Louvers are back

    I’m over here drooling hoping some of these were about to go up for sale :(
  13. ShelbySteve

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    that gauge pod is sexy af
  14. ShelbySteve

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Clean and how the look at night
  15. ShelbySteve

    Hot rod cam and cold air intake

    Finally logged my mpg at 80ish mph and I get around 21mpg. I think it’s around 13 in town
  16. ShelbySteve

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Installed all black turn signal housing with diode dynamics switchback led turn signals and hp3 led marker bulbs. Don’t mind the bugs, she’s about to get a bath
  17. ShelbySteve

    Hot rod cam and cold air intake

    This is in the wrong subforum but here’s my take on it. I have an 07 with 22k miles and replaced my catalytic converters at 20k miles. Don’t know if it was due to sitting so much (my stepfather had the car originally and obviously didn’t drive it much) or the fact that it had long tubes, or hot...
  18. ShelbySteve

    TPMS on new rims questions

    I’m using valve s Im using valve stem mounted tpms sensors. There’s a ton of different ones on eBay for pretty cheap. I got the ITM ones because if I’m not mistaken, they’re made in Germany.
  19. ShelbySteve

    TPMS on new rims questions

    I bought metal valve stem tpms for my new Shelby wheels. I think I paid $120ish dollars for all four and there’s plenty of cheaper options on eBay. Discount tire mounted mine and programmed them with no issues.
  20. ShelbySteve

    DD Switchback Turn Signals

    Ordered a pair of diode dynamic switchback turn signals. I forgot about the market light bulb but ordered led’s for the map and license plate while I was at it. I got hp3 in cool white and smd2 194 bulbs in cool white. Anyone install these and did the smd2, hp3, or hp5 best match the switchback...
  21. ShelbySteve

    2010 brembo gt500 caliper price

    And then I pull up looking like I have 700 and I’m only putting down 330 lol
  22. ShelbySteve

    2010 brembo gt500 caliper price

    I think the 14” setup is good for 18”+ wheels, but I’m not for certain.
  23. ShelbySteve

    2010 brembo gt500 caliper price

    That was the original plan. I seen those on marketplace and thought I could pick them up for a steal like I did my wheels lol. You just get your decal on eBay? I was going to get the orielly calipers with Shelby eBay decals. Debating having mine powder coated a different color but can’t make up...
  24. ShelbySteve

    Mustang GT 99-04 vs 05-09 painted aluminum wheels?

    Very well may have been. I know when I changed the wheels/tires last December the tires were stamped with the date of being 12 years old lol
  25. ShelbySteve

    06 Gt Hot Rod cam install

    No first hand experience, but I think I read on here that someone makes a brass bushing that is supposed to eliminate the shifter slop?

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