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    Gear for TR6060 w/ turbo, and wtf is a WOT box??

    Interesting. I step out of the FI game and Chad is jumping into it. I might have to put the turbo back on. Somewhat of an old thread but I had to disable my msd 2-step when I ran SST. However, it comes in real handy the other 99.9% of the time when I am not running NMRA. I will be adding a WOT...
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    Need help fast

    I'm really glad I found this thread before I started tearing into the car. My one-touch up and the up part of the short drop stopped working today. I just went out and did the re-initialization and it started working again. So if you have problems like this just try the re-initialization first...
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    Roush Deletes and new 4.10's for sale

    The Motives I've seen in the past were shiney and polished. Almost looked like chrome so I would guess those are frpp.
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    Livernois Tuned 2011 Mustang GT Auto

    Mine went 13.30s before I put the turbo on so I'm sure it will do it again on a good track.
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    Livernois Tuned 2011 Mustang GT Auto

    Hey 757. I just saw your sig and realized that last week my car with JLT, UD pullies, CMDP's, Flowmasters, and a diablosport canned tuned ran the exact same time and mph. Crazy! Bad ass numbers Livernois!!!!
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    Post your best 1/4 MILE ETs here!

    That MPH should have you in the 12's. Just 4 more hundredths!!!!
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    to pulley or not to pulley?

    .........and still for sale as a tuner kit.
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    to pulley or not to pulley?

    Either way you go just remember that rpms plus torque kill the stock rods. I was running 12-13psi with the turbo and driving the crap out of it. But I never shifted above 6000rpm. You start twisting it above 6k and it starts putting alot of load on the rotating assembly. I know the sound of the...
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    to pulley or not to pulley?

    I say just keep the 3.6 pulley on it. That way at least I have SOME chance of keeping up. :)
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    GT slower than a v6 .. please help

    The battery can definitely make it run like a turd. My car had a dying battery when I bought it. If I started it everyday it wouldn't have a problem starting. But if I let it sit a couple of days it would have to be jumped. I put a new battery in it and it was a totally different animal.
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    June 2010 Car Of The Month: Paydirt

    Congratulations! Awesome car!
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    Need help ASAP! Extending MAF wiring?

    Good deal man! Enjoy BOOOOOOST!!!!!
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    Need help ASAP! Extending MAF wiring?

    Cut the spring down a little and put a manual boost controller on it. If you are still on the stock maf you are probably going to max it out around 425hp. So the mafia would have been a good idea.
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    3650 upgrade kits

    Most of the internals are the same. Some of the bearing designs are different though. Also, different tail and bell and sliders.
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    2011 in 10s

    Oh, and by the way Pete, I just saw your new times. Awesome!!
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    2011 in 10s

    I think they just wanted to run a number first so they can say they are the pioneers of the 2011. I'm sure full interior cars are on the way.
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    S197 - JLT Intake

    Thanks for the intake Steve. Works great!
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    camber and lowering ??

    You could try not getting the bolts and see where it puts the camber. On my car it had quite a bit of negative camber and wore my tires out on the inside. It handled really well but the tire wear sucked. I put in the camber bolts and took out all the negative I could and now the new tires have...
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    05-09 GT Parts - Mufflers, IUP pannels, Grills, etc....

    So are you using paypal for payment? And you are wanting $170 shipped anywhere for the axlebacks?
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    auto for manual?

    Sux that I just seen this. I'm in Houston and I've been wanting an auto.
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    WOTBOX + 5 speed users....

    We need video!!!!
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    WOTBOX + 5 speed users....

    Sweet! Thanks!
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    WOTBOX + 5 speed users....

    Instead of starting a new thread, could someone explain how a WOT box works on our cars?
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    turbo car blowing smoke

    Mine does it most in 3rd and 4th.
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    First Look: Whipple 2.3L W140ax for the 2011 5.0L Mustang GT

    You can definitely control dynamic CR with cam timing and specs.

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